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Originally Posted by Big_fat_kiddo View Post
Everyone could join, no mather what size or shape.
We let the community vote to pick a winner, on which belly they like best.
As everyone might have noticed, Boochan won last year.

The sad part is, only 5(?) people participated, while around 300 members asked for it.
Which made out conclusion rather simple: They didn't asked for it because they wanted a contest, they asked for it just to see pictures.

Now, with the new members and all I want to give it 1 last try, if this fails, there won't be any contest ever again.
In my opinion its likely two factors. The first is the reason voting turnout for elections is always low. Everyone loves democracy, but people are fundamentally lazy, and would rather not take the initiative.

The other aspect is probably self image, I doubt anyone would want to lose or for their image to take last place...It's putting oneself at risk for an ego bruising.

Those things in mind, if you really want a belly competition to work you can't rely on volunteers. You need to choose participants you believe would do well in a competition, and tell them they've been nominated personally by the staff and ask if their images may be used in a final competition. For starters, it'd be flattering to recieve such a personalized compliment, and considering the honor and the fact that they're comfortable enough to post their images in the first place...its very likely they'd acquiesce.

It would mean some work for the staff, but considering the popular acclaim for the competition, I think it's a worthwhile endeavor.

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