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Wendy's Late Night

Driving home tonight I was contemplating on what to make for my late night meal. I have some left over mac and cheese in the fridge, so I had to make a decision on the main course. Being pre-occupied with the thought of food, I missed my turn off and had to drive through the main business district. When I saw the Wendy's sign lit up in all it's glory I decided my problem was solved. Four Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers would go great with the mac and cheese and an order of chicken nuggets for the drive home. After pulling back onto the highway, I reached into the bag for the nuggets, that weren't there and there were only two burgers and not four. Naturally I went back. Not only did they give me my order, they added a biggie fry and drink and another order of nuggets, plus I got to keep the order they originally gave me. When I got home I saw that it was two classic double bacon cheeseburgers! It was rough, but the Bigbellydude consumed all of it! The belly is beyond bloated and rock hard. Man, it's great! Now for some dessert. I think a couple scoops of ice cream on top of a wedge of cheese coffee cake with cool whip and some strawberries should do it. Sweet dreams!