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I work the night shift so by midnight it is lunch time for me. This was done on an empty stomach. I helped a buddy of mine put in a retaining wall. It took us four hours, so I really worked up an appetite! We were supposed to order pizzas after the wall was done but they all starting pounding the beer. All we had to eat was chips and snacks. I drank plenty of water, coffee, iced tea and had a couple beers, so the belly was pretty stretched. This was like eating 4 bacon cheeseburgers, large fry, large Coke, two double quarter pounders with bacon and cheese and 10 McNuggets. I never had a dessert. I was ready to burst! I dozed off a couple times on the couch afterwards and slept most of Saturday. It's been awhile since I ate like that but seeing all that food it was either eat it or throw it away. I chose to eat it!