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Old 10th July 2005, 07:33 PM
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The Hypnotist Part 2

Jake stopped on the way home and picked up a 12 pack and a bucket of fried chicken to munch on during the game. By the time the game was over, 5 of the beers were gone and so was half of the bucket of chicken. It was time to grab some dinner and do some clubbing. Feeling kind of stuffed and buzzed from a day of eating and drinking, Jake put on his clubbing jeans, they were a little tight, but after all, he’d been eating and drinking all day. Jake stopped by a nearby burger hut, got a double bacon cheeseburger with jumbo fries. Then he decided to go out.

As he was driving to the strip, he looked over and saw The Bear Cage, a local gay bear bar. He’d not gone there before, might as well try it. Jake went inside and he was in heaven! After all those years of chasing twinks and this was what he was missing! Jake bellied up to the bar, had a few drinks and met some new friends. When the bar closed, one of his new friends, Bill, asked Jake if he wanted to go with the group to the late night diner for an early breakfast. “Sure, I’m starving!” Jake exclaimed. After a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, ham, and biscuits, Jake waddled home, and went to bed.

Sunday morning the phone rang, it was Bill. He invited Jake to brunch. Bill said that there was a local big man’s club that he was a member of. Most of the bears Jake met were members and were impressed with his enthusiasm. Bill said, you can join as an associate member. Regular membership requires you be 200 pounds or more. Jake patted his newly forming belly and replied “at this rate that won’t take long!”

Brunch was at a southern food restaurant. Jake had a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, heaps of gravy and the best apple pie for desert. After a welcome belch, he leaned back and declared “I’m full and can’t eat another bite!”

Brad called the meeting of “BIG” Bears in Girth to order. Jake was voted as an associate probationary member. Bill was assigned as his mentor. Bill would oversee Jake’s “membership” and progress to full membership. Everyone then moved to the Bear Cage to celebrate Jake’s membership.

A few hours and a few beers later Jake was carried home by Bill. Stuffed and drunk, Jake fell onto his bed and passed out. A few hours later Bill called, “Ready for dinner?” “Sure, where are we going?” asked Jake. “I know a great Italian restaurant that has the best pasta in town” offered Bill. And so, the cycle began.

Jake continued the cycle. Eat, work, go home, eat again, have a few beers and watch TV. He let his gym membership lapse. Good thing he won the $5000 from Andre so he had beer and grocery money. Now, when Jake shopped, he skipped the health food aisle and went right for the steaks, potatoes, pizzas, and Mexican food. Jake asked himself “Why did I deprive myself of all of these great foods over the years?”

As time progressed, Jake lost his abs, gained love handles, and had to retire his “clubbing” jeans. The size 32 pants that were once loose would no longer fit. He had been wearing shorts and sweats a lot. He now had a starter belly. When he went to buy new work clothes (again) he was surprised that he now needed size 38 pants and XL shirts. When he got home, he weighed himself and discovered he weighed 190 pounds.

In the meanwhile, Jake had pretty much given up his twink friends and had been running with his newfound chub and bear friends. Life was now circles of work, sleep, eat, party on the weekend at the Bear Cage, then eat again. Jake had discovered that foreplay was more erotic on a full stomach and with a fellow chub. Before, sex was some no-name twink, now it was more satisfying when caressing another chub’s belly and moobs on a stuffed belly. This action was the best he’d ever known.

A couple of months later, it was back to the men’s wear store for more clothes. Now Jake was a snug size 40. He weighed himself and was at 195. Jake called Bill and gave him the good news. Bill, being the dutiful mentor offered to help Jake make it to full membership. Bill offered to help.

By now the starter gut was blossoming into a decent belly. Jake’s pecs were long gone. He was getting moobs. A small layer of fat was developing under his arms. Jake’s co-workers had nicknamed him “Pots” for the pot belly he was sprouting. Bill said he would help Jake make it to 200 pounds in time for his 1 year membership anniversary.

Bill enlisted aid from the BIG’s Council of Elders (they were not really old, just long-time members…sort of a fat board of directors). The plan was that each of them would adopt Jake for one night a week for the next 30 days. The council would help Jake make it to 200 pounds. He would spend the night at their houses. They would cook marvelous meals, stuff Jake until he was full, and keep him well satisfied.

Jake began Operation Thirty Days. First was his mentor Bill. A steak and potatoes night was the plan with a cherry pie desert. Jake finished dinner and was horny. Bill fed Jake again while “satisfying” Jake’s manly needs. Over the next thirty days, every evening was the same…eat, have a few brews, and great sex.

Soon day 30 arrived and Jake stepped on the scale….201…he had made it! The BIG Club threw Jake a initiation party at the Bear Cage…catered dinner, lots of alcohol. Jake took part in the club’s rites of initiation. He sat back in a lawn chair while each member gave him a bite of food. By the end of the evening Jake was stuffed, drunk and in love.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…as Jake mentored closely with Bill, he realized it was love a first site. Bill was an elder of the club, weighing in at 300 pounds. Now…back to the story.

After the initiation, Jake had to be helped home. Stuffed and drunk, he could hardly move. They loaded Jake into Bill’s car and Bill took Jake home. While they were going home, Jake said “Bill, I’ve been too afraid to say this, but I love you. You turn me on like no other. Your broad shoulders and ball belly leave me breathless. You are burly, but a kind and gentle soul. I can’t stop thinking about you. Will you be my soul mate?”

Bill asked “Is that the alcohol talking?” Jake replied “No…I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time, but haven’t found the right moment.” After they got home, a night of passionate lovemaking sealed the deal. Jake and Bill were a couple.

By Jake’s second anniversary in BIG, Jake now weighted 245. His belly was now a full pot belly, the fat rolls under his arms increased, his butt was full and wide, his face was fuller and he had a double chin. His marked jaw line was now gone. Jake had grown a beard, and started to look like a bear. The size 40 pants he once knew were gone for size 44’s. He was wearing XXL shirts now.

His life with Bill was like a dream. Jake became an accomplished cook and now both could share in the meal preparation. With Jake’s cooking, Bill now weighed 320 and had grown a couple of sizes himself. Their love life was great. They bought a new reinforced bed for safe lovemaking.

Jake changed jobs. He became such an accomplished chef that he left his old job and became a chef at a restaurant in the gay district that catered to bears and chubs. With his business management experience, he was quickly promoted to manager by the owner (also a member of BIG). The restaurant, under Jake’s leadership, because a smashing success. There was a waiting list at every meal. Jake personally ensured the quality of the food and now had the belly to show for it.

By Jake’s third anniversary in BIG, he qualified for the elder council. He now weighed 280 pounds. Jake became a jovial bear. His pot belly now hung over his belt. His love handles made a great place for Bill to hang onto during sex. Jake’s face was full and jowly. His moobs were softer and there was more fat rolls under his arms. Jake now wore size 52 pants and XXXL shirts. Jake was now twice the man he used to be, and it felt great. Suddenly Jake felt happy at 280 pounds and was okay with staying at that weight.

Bill was still happy too. Since he got free meals at the restaurant (families ate free), Bill now weighed 350 pounds. Bill’s ball belly become more pronounced. He was a great big muscle bear. Both were happy to stay at those weights. They could enjoy food and life, but still be active.

One Friday evening, at a BIG Club dinner meeting, someone suggested going to the Rainbow Shack. There was a hypnotist performing named Andre. Everyone agreed. Jake said “I saw him about three years ago. He lost a bet that he could hypnotize me. But, it is fun entertainment, so let’s go!”

At the Rainbow Shack, Jake promised himself to behave. Since Andre was such a nice guy, he wouldn’t heckle him this time. Jake and his bear friends had a great time. After the seventh or eighth beer the act was evening funnier.

During the show, a 130 pound twink started heckling Andre. The twink had obviously too much to drink and his loose tongue showed that. Jake lumbered over and told the twink to be quiet and enjoy the show. Andre came over and thanked Jake for handling the patron. Andre asked “Do I know you?” Jake replied, “Yes, I saw your show about three years ago. Even though you lost the bet, you were such a nice guy, I couldn’t let that punk hassle you!” Andre smiled and said thanks. He looked over to the twink and said “So you think this is all faked! Come to my office tomorrow and I’ll hypnotize you. I can hypnotize anyone. If I can’t, then I’ll pay you $5000!” The twink slurred “Sure that is an easy $5000! See you at 9:00 a.m.!” Andre smiled and said “Okay, see you tomorrow!”

The end…or is it?
Old 10th July 2005, 08:50 PM
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Great story G-man! Thanks. So where can I find Andre? I can really use some supersizing. Look forward to our next story. BTW, you have a very nice gut going there my man. You working on getting bigger?
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