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Old 29th June 2009, 07:33 PM
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XXL Part 1

(The setting is real though the story itself is entirely fiction)

XXL Part 1

I always viewed myself as being an x-large sort of person. I thought of myself as still able to do most things other people could do, and still able to wear most clothes. I guess my first experience had to be shopping at Macy’s. I had done it a few years ago, and loved the clothes there. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love clothes, and I enjoyed planning out my outfits every morning for school. Sure my weight had gone up since then, but I tried to never pay attention to the scale. I loved my larger sized body, but I wasn’t prepared for the Macy’s experience.

My town didn’t have a Macy’s, even though it was the largest city in Montana. Billings, Montana was about the stupidest place in this side of the county. There wasn’t much for an seventeen year old to do except visit the crappy mall or see a movie. I did enjoy going into town, as everywhere you went huge, obese guys slowly moved about. And since it was summer many showed quite a bit of skin. I was in the mall catching glances at this guy’s huge overhanging mass of sexiness when my friend Allyson tapped me on the shoulder.

“Hey Cliff! You have to come into American Eagle with me! There having a buy one get one half off sale!”

The man I was watching lifted up his arms and stretched. There it was; four hundred pounds of hot body. His giant apron belly beckoned me to come over. It was so mesmerizing. . .

“Oh, yeah,” I jerked my head towards Allyson before she noticed what I was staring at. I tried to stop thinking about the man. I thought about myself being that weight; having that much fat to play with.

“You can walk a little faster, Cliff,” Allyson said as I followed her to American Eagle. I only had one pair of khakis from AE, and I wasn’t planning on getting anything else.

“I have to get another pair of jeans. I have to replace my pair that’s getting worn out,” Allyson smiled and brushed back her curled blonde hair with her fingers. I liked Allyson enough as a friend, but her fashion choices were, umm, scary.

She ran into the store and picked up a size 6 super low rise jeans. Then she picked up another pair, in a lighter wash. She never tried anything on, and immediately ran up to the cash register and took out her check book. She was not a size six. I really didn’t know how she got them on.

I walked around while Allyson was in line and scanned the jeans, T-shirts, and polos. Nothing really caught my attention. I looked through the jeans for something to do, and tried to find my size. Even though I was pretty big, I had no butt compared to how big everything else was. I preferred jeans a little tight, and size 40 was okay, but I could fit into 38s. Not that I didn’t enjoy squeezing myself into tighter clothes, but I liked to wear clothes that fit in public.

I didn’t notice Allyson standing behind me.

“Why don’t buy something? You rarely wear jeans, and should start wearing them more often with a great pair!” Her voice was high and way too bubbly. I hated wearing jeans. I was a shorts kind a guy, and the denim fabric was everything but comfortable to me.

“Allyson, you know how I hate jeans, and I hate this store. Everything is for skinny people!”

“Don’t be silly, Cliff. You’re not that big.”

I sighed and searched for a pair of 38s. I finally found one pair, at the very bottom of the stack.

“Ooo! Those like nice,” Allyson said, “Why don’t you buy them?”

“Well I insist on trying them on first.” I sighed and asked for a changing room key from an employee sorting shirts on a rack. I stepped into the dressing room. First I held the jeans up, they were obviously too long, and then I couldn’t resist looking at myself in the mirror. I took off my shirt and stared at my gut. I looked bigger than I’d remembered, and I felt great from it. I grabbed my flab and rubbed my gut. I enjoyed having a big belly. I loved my 260 pound body.

I soon took of my shorts and pulled up the jeans, which were so tight that they caused my love handles to drop over and my belly to drop even further than it already did. I loved the feeling. I played with my belly a little more, then quickly pulled my shirt on and stepped outside to show Allyson.

“You should totally buy those,” she said. “You look great.”
I did a dorky smile and quickly took the jeans off once back inside. As much as I loved the way my fat drooped, the denim was not worth it.
When I got back out Allyson couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to buy them.

“We need a Macy’s,” I said. “When I was at one a few years ago, they had way cooler clothes than this.”

I loved the fact that I could only fit into one pair of jeans at American Eagle.
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Old 6th April 2012, 04:44 AM
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cool story, i like it
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