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Living Life To The Full - Part One of Three

Living Life to the Full
Part One

Chapter One

Sophia dreamt of being fat. She longed to feel what it was like to have full and bounteous belly resting in her lap with thunderous thighs and a gorgeous arse. As she sat in her lecture that Monday morning, she shot a quick glance down at herself and her flat stomach simply stared back. All her life she had been a thin and active girl, often involved in sports and always eating healthily. Part of this had come from her late mother’s obsession with being fit and until the age of 15, Sophia had never once tried the sweet succulent taste of milk chocolate. Chocolate had been a banned substance in her house. As she had grown older, Sophia had become more and more independent, especially after her mother had tragically died when she was just 16. Now aged 19, Sophia had just begun her 1st year of University where she was studying Journalism. Since arriving on campus all Sophia could think about was eating, and not just eating all the healthy stuff she’d been brought up on, but gorging on everything, pizza, chocolate, burgers, fruit, vegetables, just simply everything. However despite her inner turmoil, she refused to actually give in to the temptation, telling herself that fit and thin equalled hot whilst deep down, what she really thought was fit and chubby equalled mega hot.
“Sophia? Sophia?” She awoke with a start, it was past 11 o’clock and her best friend Charlotte was standing over her. Realising that she’d fallen asleep during the lecture, dreaming of being soft Sophia suddenly experienced a pang of guilt. There she was thinking how much hotter it would be to be fat when Charlotte, who was fairly chunky herself was right beside her. Charlotte smiled. “Come on you, we said we’d do some work in our room this morning.”
“Of course, sorry Charlotte, I...err…fell asleep,” said Sophia with a faint grin. Charlotte laughed and hand in hand the pair exited the room. They strolled; still laughing all the way up to their room in the Halls of Residence and once inside they locked the door behind them. When Charlotte had said work, what she had meant was talk; every morning the two best friends would spend an hour or two discussing everything about themselves, but so far, Sophia had kept her desire to be bigger a deeply held secret.
As they sat together on Charlotte’s bed, Sophia battled with her mind on whether or not to discuss her feelings about weight. Charlotte seemed to sense something was playing on her mind and instinctively placed her arm around her friend.
“What’s wrong?” Charlotte said gently. Sophia tried to force a smile but it was impossible, she was going to have to explain the way she felt. She was feeling ridiculously nervous, her heart thumping with every tick of the clock. Charlotte might not understand, maybe she hated being the size she was, then again Sophia had never seen her actually take exercise so if she did hate it then she didn’t actually seem to do much about it. Sophia took a deep breath and took the plunge.
“Charlotte, this is going to sound incredibly awkward and don’t take it the wrong way, but what’s it like being, you know, chubby?” Sophia finished, her heart pounding. Then Charlotte did something, she had never expected, not even in her wildest dreams. Her face lit up in a humungous grin and at one point actually seemed to have developed a glow about it.
“I thought you’d never ask, I’ve seen you staring at my belly. It’s simply the best feeling in the world ever, just lying around with a soft, squishy belly to rub. I’d never give this up for the world. Never.” Sophia felt an enormous wave of relaxation wash over her. She decided to press on.
“What would you say if I told you I’d been dreaming of being fat?” Sophia asked with a smile. Charlotte took a hold of her hand and squeezed it.
“I’d say, want to put those dreams into reality?” Sophia gasped!
“Do you think I’d look sexier with curves?” she asked.
“Darling, you’d be so much sexier,” Charlotte said brightly.
“Then I guess, I do want to make my dreams a reality. But I don’t think I can do it,” Sophia said with a hint of sadness.
“Would you like me to help you?”
“Let’s get started then,” Charlotte said, already picking up her phone and dialling a fast-food restaurant. “Fancy a pizza Sophia,” she said with a grin.
“You bet, let’s order the biggest one they have and put every topping imaginable on it,” Sophia said relishing every moment.
“You know what, let’s get three, one for me and two for you as you need to grow more.”
As Charlotte ordered the pizzas, Sophia couldn’t describe the feeling she was getting from this but she knew that she felt the best she had in a very long time.

Chapter Two

Every day that week Sophia and Charlotte ordered pizzas in the morning, two for Sophia, one for Charlotte and on that first Friday of the new regime, Charlotte presented her with the scales. Sophia knew she was a long, long way off being fat but she took comfort in the fact that her belly was no longer exactly the flat stomach it had been on Monday but was even now forming a small but distinctive round shape. At the start she had weighed a measly 100lbs and now as she stood on the scales, Sophia was ecstatic to discover the needle land on 120lbs. Twenty massive pounds gained in just five days! As a reward, Charlotte gave her five chocolate biscuits to go with her already huge breakfast. As Sophia munched joyously, Charlotte spoke.
“I’ve made a decision to allow you to have all the food as I honestly don’t need it,” she said.
“I think I’m going to need it, I don’t know how but you’ve managed to make me crave more and more food every day.”
“I know. Tonight I’m giving you a special treat,” Charlotte said slowly.
“You know I hate surprises, come on Charlotte tell me,” Sophia said eagerly.
“I’m ordering four massive pizzas, a Chinese takeaway and just to finish off with, your favourite Chocolate brownies.” Sophia felt herself groan with pleasure at the mere thought of all that gorgeous food. Embarrassed that she’d let herself do that in front of her friend, Sophia quickly looked down at her feet. After a while, she glanced back up to discover Charlotte laughing. “You needn’t be all embarrassed just because you’re feeling great. Let it all out,” Charlotte said in her fantastically calm way. “You’re beautiful,” she said with a longing gaze at her friend. Sophia suddenly realised that Charlotte was standing right in front of her. She felt her gaze and blushed bright red. Gaining with Charlotte had not just made her feel fuller but had also unlocked some inner feelings she had always kept buried. She stared back at Charlotte’s fruity lips and couldn’t help thinking what it would be like to kiss them. In the end, Charlotte took the plunge.
“I’m going to kiss you,” she said, still staring. “I’ve loved you from the day we met but never dreamed I’d say it,” Charlotte felt a tear roll down her cheek. Without another word, Charlotte placed both her arms around Sophia in a tight embrace and kissed passionately. Taken aback, but enjoying it immensely, Sophia kissed back. After almost ten minutes the pair broke apart, and it was like a huge weight had been lifted from them.
“I think I love you,” said Sophia as they sat on Charlotte’s bed, embracing each other once again. After a few moments of silence, Sophia suddenly giggled and said aloud, “I’m a lesbian!” It felt so good to say it. Charlotte roared with laughter.
“Guess what, I’m one too!”

Chapter Three

A whole month had now passed during Sophia’s weight gain regime. She now weighed an impressive 170lbs and at 5 foot 8, she was sporting a small but chubby and flabby belly. Her thighs had widened massively and even at this early stage they already touched together when she stood. Her arms had also become a lot flabbier and above all her face looked and felt fuller than it had been before. She didn’t seem to be developing a double chin at all yet but her cheeks were definitely getting chunky and exceptionally rosy. However, getting big was not the only thing that had made her life so fantastic in the past month. Not at all, that was only part of the reason. The main reason was her relationship with Charlotte, which had now lasted three weeks. They were both madly and deeply in love with each other and things showed no sign of calming down. They’d spend all night long making out and stroking each other’s bellies.
Sunday, October 3rd; Sophia stepped onto the scales with a heavy heart. She’d been ill for the last couple of days and hadn’t eaten since Thursday. Just as she feared, the needle dipped down to 168lbs.
“I think we need to make up for those lost days,” said a sweet voice behind her. Sophia stepped off the scales and swivelled around to face Charlotte who stood, holding a jug of cold melted chocolate for her to drink. With a cheeky grin, Sophia took hold of the jug, placed it on the table beside her bed and began to strip to the waist. She took off her shirt and bra, letting her medium sized breasts flop on her chest. Sophia then lay back on the bed, not all the way, but just slightly and picked up the jug. She opened her mouth and began to pour, never stopping, always knowing when to swallow. Of course this method meant a lot of spillage over herself, part of the reason she’d taken her shirt and bra off, but the upside was that once the jug was empty and she found her stomach bloated and covered in chocolate, Charlotte came over to her to lick her clean. With each lick that Charlotte took, Sophia groaned. She felt so good and positioned herself so that her thighs hooked around Charlotte, holding her to her body. When Charlotte had licked every last morsel, she clambered on top of Sophia, unbuttoned her own shirt, and allowed her 250lb belly to rest freely on her. Sophia groaned again and lifted her lips towards Charlotte’s. With her hands, she reached up and inserted them down Charlotte’s pants. She squeezed the flab down there before approaching what she aimed to do.
Twenty minutes later, Charlotte let out a huge moan as she felt herself orgasm and rolled over to lie, panting, beside Sophia.
“You’re the best friend, I’ve ever had,” Sophia said, staring into Charlotte’s eyes. She clutched hold of her hand tightly.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life,” Charlotte replied taking hold of Sophia’s other hand.
“I want to be as big as you,” Sophia said in earnest. “Two hundred and fifty pounds of pure, gorgeous, blubber.”
“Your wish is my command,” Charlotte replied. “I’m going to spend all day feeding you.”
“I swear you can read my mind,” Sophia said with a grin.
Sophia spent the rest of the day tucked up in bed whilst Charlotte fed her every snack she could find and make. Keen to inject a degree of healthy eating into the regime, Charlotte spent half the day feeding excessive quantities of fruit and vegetables and the other half lower quantities of extremely fattening, chips, chocolate, pizza and so forth. After every huge snack, Charlotte would lift up the duvet and pat Sophia’s belly. She would stroke it for ten minutes, squeezing handfuls of fat and then stroking it some more before replacing the duvet and moving on to the second snack.
“Step on the scales,” Charlotte whispered into her ear at the end of the day. Sophia clambered out of bed, surprised to discover that her belly was almost two inches bigger than it had been this morning. Her 36 inch jeans were feeling uncomfortable tight and as she bent over to stretch the button literally separated itself, flying joyfully across the room to land uselessly behind the fridge. Charlotte whooped in delight. “Way to go girl! Your first button pop,” she said. Sophia couldn’t help but laugh.
“Well at least these tiny things aren’t so tight now!” She stepped onto the scales. The needle span for what seemed like ages and came to rest, eventually, on 178lbs. Ten pounds gained just from stuffing all day long. Doing this for two days each weekend, combined with her routine during the week and she’d be 250 before she knew it! Sophia decided to measure her waist as well.
“Well?” She asked Charlotte who had just finished measuring.
“Oh baby, you absolute babe. I think we need to go shopping for some 40 inch clothes ‘cause you are a whopping 39!”

Chapter Four

Sophia sat at her desk, writing an essay. Charlotte was away but she’d been making sure to keep up the good work. As she typed with one hand, she ate with the other. True multi-tasking she called it. Her jeans were unbuttoned so that her belly could breathe for a few hours but mainly so that she could stare at it every time she got stuck. Her arse drooped over both sides of the chair. She looked at the screen and read the title to herself out loud.
“The Influence of the Media on Personal Health” That had been the title handed to her by her tutor and Sophia was relishing it. For the majority of the essay so far, she discussed how much of a downer the Media placed on overweight people and explaining how everyone had different tastes. She knew she’d get it in the neck from people for this but it was the truth and it made her feel great.
“I want your essays handed in at the end, this is the last extension so no excuses,” said Mr. Burley, Sophia’s tutor. With a look of triumph, Sophia strode up to the desk, feeling her belly bounce with every step. She could feel eyes burning into her as she walked but it didn’t bother her now. At the start of her gain, it had but by now she knew she was a chubby girl and she liked it. She handed her essay to Mr. Burley and exited the room.
Sophia felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and with lightning speed whipped it out of her pocket to read the message.
I’m back babe. See you upstairs. Sophia’s day was now complete. She couldn’t wait to set eyes upon Charlotte again. It was only when she reached the door that she realised she’d practically fast-walked all the way up. She pushed it open gently. A whoop of delight sounded from a tanned Charlotte lying on her bed.
“Look at you!” Charlotte beckoned her to lie beside her. Sophia didn’t need telling twice and was soon climbing next to her. Charlotte gave her belly a much longed for rub. “I see you haven’t been starving yourself sexy.” Sophia gave a cheeky smile and shrugged. “There’s a whole cake for you in the fridge. But before that, let’s have some fun.”
“You bet! No way was I going to let you come back and not have some fun too!” Sophia said hungrily. Without another word, Sophia stripped and lay naked, her legs apart. Charlotte stripped as well and lay in front of Sophia’s legs, staring straight down the middle. She outstretched her arm and placed a finger into Sophia’s expectant vagina. Then another and another until she had slid four fingers in. Charlotte then began to pleasure her. For Sophia it was simply the best feeling Charlotte could give her.
“You’re my chunky girl,” said Charlotte, fingering Sophia to orgasm. “Now how about that cake, mmm?”
“Oh God yes!” Sophia yelled.

Chapter Five

“Hey fatty! Nice essay, loser.” The marks for the essay had come in and Sophia had been delighted to discover she’d been awarded full marks. Unfortunately, Jeremy, the hunk of the year, had snatched her essay and was now reading it and laughing at her. She felt her face glow red in anger.
“Oi! That’s my girlfriend you’re calling a loser,” Charlotte shouted at Jeremy.
“Look here, the fat lesbian’s trying to take me on,” Jeremy laughed in her face. It was the wrong thing to have done. As Jeremy turned his head to the rest of the class Charlotte aimed a hard punch to his jaw, sending him sprawling to the ground. There were howls of laughter all around. Charlotte bent over to stare down at Jeremy attempting to pick himself up.
“Want to say that again?” She said softly but very dangerously. Jeremy shook his head. “I thought not,” and with that Charlotte strolled up to Sophia who still sat at her desk, her face bright red, staring into space. She put her arm around her and gave a quick peck on the cheek. To the sound of whoops and cheers, they left hand in hand.
“I still can’t believe you actually smacked that smarmy git,” said Sophia incredulously. They were sitting on a bench outside together, admiring the nature that lay before them.
“I know! I gave him quite a whopper, even I didn’t expect him to hit the floor,” Charlotte replied howling with laughter. It was the last day of the Autumn Term and they were spending as much time together as possible before they had to go home.
“My dad is going to have a fit when he sees me,” said Sophia winking at Charlotte. “When he last saw me, I were a skinny wee lass,” Sophia continued, making an attempt at her father’s Scottish accent. “Now look at me, I’m positively obese!”
“Aye, you’re my obese lass,” Charlotte replied in a painfully poor attempt at an accent which reduced Sophia to tears of laughter.
“Before we leave tomorrow, we need to see if I’ve made the target,” Sophia said struggling to keep calm. Every time she looked at Charlotte she burst out laughing, thinking of that accent.
“It’s just a guess babe, but I think you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised,” said Charlotte happily.
At six am the next morning, they woke up on their last morning together. Their bags were packed, except for the scales. Somehow the room felt strangely empty without their clutter. Sophia climbed onto the scales for the last time that term and waited as the needle spun. With trepidation, Sophia watched as the needle came to a triumphant rest. Sophia had to read the number twice to comprehend it. Two hundred and sixty pounds! She’d more than made that target.
“Well done sexy,” said Charlotte. “You must be so proud.”
They were standing at the train station, waiting. Unfortunately, Charlotte had to take a different train to her so this was their goodbye for the term. They embraced for so long that people began to stare and when they then made out right there on the station they could hear several people gasp in horror. Ignoring them they finished their goodbyes and broke apart, tears streaming down both of their faces.
“When we get back next term, we’re going to move into a flat together so that we don’t ever need to be apart again. See you,” Charlotte said, sobbing. Sophia felt herself break down too and couldn’t speak. Instead she nodded and as her train pulled up, she climbed aboard, waving to Charlotte. The train began to move and picking up speed, left the station. Sophia stared out the window waving until Charlotte became a tiny speck on the horizon. The next four weeks were going to be torturous for both of them. But at least they’d be together again. Soon.

The End

"Fat is the Future"

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