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Old 22nd August 2012, 02:11 PM
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The Black Banana Pt. 1

I have never been to the club Black Banana downtown. Don't get me wrong, I been to a lot, a lot of clubs in my day, but the Black Banana is a whole another story. The Black Banana is a gay club.

Now don't get wrong, I don't have nothing against the but that ain't me. I'm not about touching nobody else dick but my own. I got a couple gay bruhs so I'm hating on what they do. Do what ya gotta do to get ya nut.

One night me and my homo bros Kenny, Mark, and Jamell, got a little wasted at our favorite bar downtown and were stumbling down the street near the Black Banana. As I saw the sign and started to hear the loud bombing bass, I started to **** with my bruhs knowning their gay asses get horny when they get a little alcohol in their system.

Yo, y'all wanna hit up the Black Banana?

All 3 of them stopped, or at least tried to as drunk as they were, and turned and looked at me like I was speaking Chinese.

Mark spoke up "Question is do you? Ain't no coochie in there for you." All three then started laughing.

Man, just seeing if you homos got down like the rest of us in the strip club.

Jamell burped and said, "This ain't your run of the mill, hole in the wall, bullet wound having, std carrying, 6 kids working on 6 having female strippers"

Well dude fool, bitches don't have dicks.

"Some in the BB do. But look if you wanna go, **** it, let's go. Don't say we didn't warn you." Kenny said as we approached the large wooden double doors with black steel bananas as handles.

Pssh, its just dudes shaking their ass for ones. Just like every gay club I bet

I'm glad I'm not a gambling man because I would lost the **** out that bet. You would think you would see scrawny muscle bound dudes in g-strings walking around, but these dudes were thick, some on the chunky side even. And they were walking around in classic stripper attire. The some dressed in cop uniforms, really really tight uniforms, hugging all the wrong curves in my opinon, construction workers, even some football players and businessmen in suits. The only thing common about the "dancers" was that they had a BB name tag and they look like they all needed hit the gym a bit to tighten up their figure.

I sat back like a parent watching their kids run off to play in ChuckECheese's as my bruhs dispersed across this huge ass club stunned at all the money these dancers were racking up even those they all were one cheesecake away from being called fat..

I kept looking around this huge club and saw a lot of food was being passed around, a lot more than regular straight clubs. Usually you hit the bar and just see a pot of some BBQ chicken, that's it. It would be some banging chicken but it wouldn't hold a wick much less a ****ing candle to all this good food I see around.

So I follow proper club protocol and hit the bar and called up the bartender. He was dressed in some tight leather pants and white beater. I know bartenders get a more tips showing skin but he migh have reconsidered the beater seeing that he's sporting an extra 30 pounds in the gut. "What can I get you, sexy?" He said smiling.

How much for the buffet and a beer?

"Free of charge man, just grab a plate and dig in."

For real, thanks man.

"Just make sure you feed the stripers."

Feed them? You mean pay them right?

"You must be new here. Look around"

I turned around confused once again at what I saw. I glanced at one of the dancers dressed as a cop giving a man a lap dance while munching on some donuts. I spotted the dancer in the footbal uniform hit a split with a funnel in his mouth while the patron was pouring beer down it. After downing the beer still in the split, the footballer rubbed his belly and burped. The parton then slipped a twenty in his tights.

What kinda club is this?

"Its a special kind of strip clubs....a gainer strip club." The bartender said in between his sips of beer. "This club is for dudes who like big dudes who like being big or getting bigger...and prancing around in real tight clothes showing off their hot bodies."

Wow this different.

"Enjoy man"

What was there for me to enjoy. I like chicks. End of discussion. So I grabbed my beer, grabbed a plate from the buffet, walked back to my seat and began to fully watch the spectacle before me. How can these dudes get off on this? And why am I so intrigued?

As I sat and demolished my first plate, I rubbed my full stomach and considered getting another. The food was even better than I could have possibly expected, but I had to be careful. I'm already thick my damn self, if I binge on this good food ima need security to help me up and carry my fat ass to the car. As soon as I decided to go against that second plate, a dancer walked up to me, holding a big plate of BBQ wings, the same kind I just filled up on.

"What's going man? My name' s Orlando.Having a good time?"

Yeah I'm good. I'm not looking for a dance tho, I'm straight.

"Who said anything about a dance? I just wanna sit down next to you, eat, and talk a bit with ya. You seem kinda out of place although you did seem happy with that plate you just killed. Wanna share this plate of wings with me? I noticed you had some on your plate earlier. They are my favorite."

Sure why not.

"Thanks..I think I grabbed too much and I did wanna put them back tho. They're really good"

Classic dancer move. Talk the money out the john. As he sat down, I got a good look at him in his wanna be hood get up of a beater and sagging jeans. Lando got nice body on him, tall, got a lil muscle on him and a starter belly like most college boys get when they are hit with that Freshman 15. The only thing that stuck out on Lando from a random dude on the street was his butt. He had a Wacka Flocka body and a Kardashian ass.

Now I gotta admit, I'ma ass man..on girls...but I could not stop staring at that big juicy round ass smashed together in them tight drawers slighty covered by his sagging jeans. If them cheeks were titties they'll be ole double G's. I really could not stop staring at this boy's ass as he was leaning forward toward the table biting every little piece off each wing he picked up. He sure got a big appetite to match that big ass of his.
I started fantasing of what I would do to an ass that fat on a girl. Rub my dick up against it, lift each check up and let em go to watch em bounce, smack one and watch em both wobble, lick and nibble on em before sticking my big hard dick deep in-

"Didn't you mama ever tell you BURP, cuse me, tell you that's its rude to stare?" Lando said looking back at me, holding a wing, and interrupting my daydream.

I looked up and froze. I was caught....staring at a guy's butt. A nice round fat jui--damn it. An ass that belonged to a guy. Focus. How the **** ima play this off?

I-I-I um.....Sorry man I zoned out...must be the it is from the food I ate.

"Does your dick always get hard from a good meal?"

I-I-I umm yeah..I guess.

"Ok let's test this theory"

Before I knew it he leaned back and brought his wing to my lips.

Dude thanks but I'm good.

"C'mon. One little bite. This little wing? You got this. You don't want me to throw it away do you?"

What the hell. Those wings are too good to waste. I took a bite.

"There you go. isn't that good? That was easy. I bet you can finish the rest of these off no problem. Keep that good feeling going."

What the hell was he talking about? And why am I eating more wings? What I am doing? Since when did eating food feel so good. I was caught in another trance finishing wing after wing until I was surrounded with chicken bones and a bloated stomach belled out in front of me. All I could do is lean back and burp.

Damn what did BURP did you do to me?

Lando started to rub my stomach. Damn that shit was feeling to good to tell him to stop. "I wanted to test my theory." He started rubbing my inner thigh and suddenly stop. He got up and kicked his leg over me began to stradle me. The weight of him and that ass on my lap was making me hard again. Damn. Maybe he won't feel it.

I look up at Lando like a kid and trouble. I been caught. I can tell by that smirk he has on his face. Say something. Call me out on my lie. Do somethi--

Before I could finish my thought, he grabbed my hands and placed them on his fat cheeks.

"Uh huh. I figured. I knew you were lying. Its kool tho. It did like you enjoyed ya wings too so that couldn't have been an act either. I don't know why you came here tonight but trust are leaving here a bigger changed man."
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Old 23rd August 2012, 10:53 PM
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My senses are in overdrive right now. I can't believe I'm here right now doing what I'm doing right now. If you walked up to me yesterday and told me that I would be here in the Black Banana with an overfilled stomach, a male dancer in my lap and hard enough to cut diamonds I would have punched you right then and there. But here I am, staring at Alando, belly bloated like hell, hands palming his soft fat juicy booty, hard as ****, wanting to ****. I have never been this horny and hard before. I was really not giving a damn if Lando was dude, girl, or ****ing goat. I wanted him and that ass now.

Breaking my trance once again, Lando dismounted, grabbed ahold of my hand, and told me to followed him. All I could do is nod and burp as I followed that ass as it bounced up and down as he leaded me to a VIP room.

After we walked into the room, Lando turned around, closed and locked the door. I looked around the room. It was all decked out leather furniture, a bar, flat screen, audio system. It was more of bachelor pad's living room than VIP room. Despite all of the loud booming music that was playing in club, it was pretty quiet in this room.

As I was still taking in everything in the room, Lando started up the audio system. Birthday Sex by Jeremih came on and Lando slowly approached me. He threw off his tight beater and was staring deeply in my eyes. I couldn't look away if I tried. I wanted, no needed, to deep in side him right now. He started kissing and licking on my neck while unbottoning my shirt. If my dick went down while we were walking to room, it surely popped back up when he started doing this. I wrapped my arms around him, pressed him against the walll, and proceeded to make out with him.

He started moaning inbetween kisses, caressing my back and grinding his pelvis into mine. He was getting hard too.

"Yes daddy, that feels so damn good"

**** that comment sent me into overdrive. I started licking all over his neck and nipples. I began to make it my duty to do everything I can to keep him moaning and calling me daddy. Don't know why but that shit got me going like crazy.

I unbottoned my pants, exposing my precummed soaked boxers and hard trobbing dick. Before trying to unbuckle Lando's pants, he dropped down to his knees,freeing my dick from its damp prison. Now I never had a dude suck my dick before but in the state I'm in I wasn't gonna stop him. Blue balls and I don't mix.

He started rubbing it against his hands, licking up and down the shaft, flicking his tongue on the head, making me anxious as a mother****er. I'm about to explode from anticipation and he's just playing with it, toying with me.

Come on man, don't play with it, suck it boy.

"Mmm you would like that wouldn't you"

I groaned. I know what to do. I gotta get his ass horned up again like me so I can get this nut. I can't go home with all of this pent up inside and jacking ain't gonna do it.

Come here, boy.

I pulled him up and motioned him toward the couch. I pushed him down and unbotton his jeans.

"What you about to do?"

Don't worry you gonna like it

I pulled off his shoes and jeans and flipped him over. God damn that ass even better out of them tight ass jeans. I leaned over and began licking kissing all over his back, then moved down to his feet, inched up to his ankles, legs, the inside of his thighs, and then finally the main event. He was constantly moaning from each lick and kiss but became louder as I stated to palm and rub on that ass. I then planted my face down in his crack and wiggled my face inbetween them big cheeks. I inhaled and got hornier which I didn't think was possible. I emerged from the warmth of his ass, jerked his boxers down and looked at his ass in its nude glory.

I dived in that ass and began to eat like it was my last meal. Lando shouted in extasy. Told him he was gonna like it. Every so often as his moans started to die down I would smack one of his cheeks and he would start up again.

I can't wait anymore. I need that ass bouncing on this dick now. I climb on top of Lando and grind my hard between them ample buttcheeks..Damn if it feels this good on the outside...****.

You ready for ths dick Lando? Cuz its ready for you.

"Yes daddy I want it now, give me what I want"

That's all the confirmation I needed. I slowly inched my fat thick dick in the tight asshole inch by inch. We started off slow and steady until that fat ass of his opened up and went to town. All kind of positions, for hours and hours. I got my nut plus 4 more. It seemed every time we finish I'll catch another look at that bubble butt and I ready to go again. I almost forgot that we were even in a club. I wonder what my other friend were up to....or even if they were still here.

Me and Lando finally collapsed on the couch and drifted to sleep with my dick still inside him. It was it like it was made to sit perfectly deep in them guts. It wasn't long when another dancer knocked on the door waking us up saying that they are about to lock up the club. I grabbed my stuff and headed out. I don't know if I'll see Lando again or if I want to. I gotta lot to think about before I do, but at least I know where to find him.
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Old 29th August 2012, 07:23 AM
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thats an awesome story!!! please continue =]
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Old 10th June 2013, 10:24 PM
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The Black Banana Pt. 3

It's been months since I been to the Black Banana.....for good reason. I was scared. Confused of what happened. I didn't walk in there expecting to have sex with a dancer. A male dancer. A thick chubby sexy ass dancer at that. Damn it. Why do I find him so damn appealing? Is something wrong with me? I don't think so. Hell I don't know.

Well one things for certain, somethings wrong with my jeans. All my jeans. My slacks, shorts, even my sweats, which are the only things I can try to wear out in public with out being issued an indecent exposure ticket. I don't know whats going on. Everything has gotten so tight about my waist. All my shirts look like second skins. I know I have put on a few pounds but it couldn't be that much...or was it?

Anyway I wasn't the only one that noticed it. I finally caught up with my “bromos” and they were quick to call me out on my recent additions. Usually I would be uncomfortable about it but they chalked it up as me getting a lil older and whatnot. Like any of them had room to talk. All three of them look a lil chunkier and dare I say it, sexier? No, I can't. Too creepy. I won't think about that right now. All of us met up at the local buffet and chowed down on all our faves. As plate by plate made it into our stomachs, more burps, pants adjusting, belly rubs seem to appear and man, “lil man” started to perk up from the view of these three thick stuffed guys with their pants undone, shirts up, rubbing their bellies and burping as they attempted to digest the monster of a meal they just finsihed.....not to mention my own taut bloated gut applying pressure on it, grinding against it, teasing it, forcing it to drip a couple of drops of precum. Man I gotta get out of here. This shit's way too weird. I wonder if they set this shit up on purpose. I mean, they did asked me what happened that night at the club the next day and I lied, said I just left out the back entrance and that was it. I don't think they believed me. Highly doubt it cuz they all just exchanged looks and never spoke of it again.. I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into nothing.

I paid my bill and waddled my fat ass to the car. Pants still unbuttoned but I don't give a ****. All this weight I have gained over the past few months and all that food I just ate ensured that these tight ass pants aint going no where.

Finally made it to my car and dropped into my seat. Before turning the car on, I rubbed my bloated belly for a bit to let the food digest a little more before getting on the road. Enjoying this crazy sensation, my eyes rolled over to the glowing clock in my dashboard. 10:30pm. I should head home and get some sleep. As I break my trance and start the car a thought popped in my head.....well both of my heads.

C'mon let's go see Lando.
No. I'm not going in that club.
Who said go into the club. Let's just drive by, hell it's on the way home.
No it's not. I'm not doing it.
What's the matter? You scared? Scared that you like thick chunky chubby bubble butt boys like Laaaaaaaaaaaando? Bet you can't sit out side the club for five minutes and drive off. ****ing pussy.

I'm going insane. One because I just had an argument with myself. And two, I was already at the Black Banana by the end of my personal argument. But I can do this..10:45.....I can sit out here and not go inside. I got self control.

Yeah right, self control. You didn't have self control these last few months gaining all this weight on purpose.
It wasn't on purpose.
Oh really? So them late nights chugging beer watching chubby boys was an accident? Or what about those trips to the next town over just to binge at buffets on the weekends and end up so stuffed that you have to go to a hotel because you were too full to drive?
.Give it up chubs, you're fat and you wanna get fatter. You can't deny it, especially with this hard on we had ever since we left the bruhs. That same hard on pressing against your bloated gut that you secretly wanna bloat some more. And you wanna have someone help you and fatten someone up as well. And we both know who it is. So roll your fat ass out the car and let's go get him and take on a little binging ride. Let's grab two big plates of them bomb ass wings from inside and eat them with that fine piece of ass and stuff him till he can't breathe and take him home and pump him up with all the cum we can muster. Let's go. Time's a ticking.

I muttered “Damn it” out loud as I hoisted myself out of the car and proceed across the street towards the club.
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Old 12th August 2013, 08:15 PM
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Love the third part glad you got to it and posted. You write very well.
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Old 6th April 2014, 04:29 PM
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Great Story

Enjoyed story thanks
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