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Old 20th December 2006, 10:26 AM
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Thumbs up a forty pound christmas present

By Ned Fox

Katie walked into the kitchen of her parent's house in the Springs. She had a concerned look on her face; her mother Megan, turned and asked, “Is everything ok, dear?” She answered, “Yes, Mom, Ned and I are doing really well, but I'm a little concerned about something I found on his computer.” “What was it, dear?” asked Megan. “Well, some of Ned's favorite places on his search engine are kinda weird,” she said. “How do you mean, dear?” “Well,” she said, “they are all fat, big belly or pregnant sites.” Megan smiled, “is there anything else?” “Yes,” Katie answered, “he really likes tight briefs on both himself and especially on me.” Katie giggled, “Mine have gotten a bit tighter lately too.” She patted her plump little tummy that was bulging against the waistband of her jeans. “He also looks at himself in the mirror and sticks his little belly out and he loves watching me struggle into my panties,” she said.
Megan, who was 5'2” and around 220# looked at her slightly plump daughter and said, “You have a chubby chaser on your hands, dear.” Just then Katie's dad, Rob, waddled into the kitchen, at 5'6” and 260#, he was quite rotund. “What's up?” he asked the girls. “Oh, just having a mother/daughter chat,” Megan replied. Rob grabbed a snack that Megan had prepared for him and headed back to the TV.

Megan whispered to Katie, “I think Ned needs a very special present from you this Christmas.” “What? Do you have any ideas, mom?” she asked. Megan smiled and looking down at Rob, she said, “I think you both need at least forty pounds.” Katie looked shocked, “I'd be huge,” she said. Megan poked her daughter's little roll of fat forming over the waistband of her tight jeans, “No, dear, I think you would be well on your way to becoming just right for your hubby.” Katie giggled at the thought of getting fat for Ned. “But you said both of us need at least forty pounds,” she said. Megan laughed, “Do you remember the pictures of your Dad and I before we got married”? Katie replied, “Yes, you were a little plump, but Dad was really skinny.” Megan winked and glanced toward where Rob was watching the TV with a plate balanced on his ample belly, “Do you think that was an accident?” she giggled. Katie gasped, “Mother, you didn't!” Megan looked her in the eyes and said, “Yes, I did. Since we both gained weight, especially when I was pregnant with you, we have never been happier,” she said. “It is time for you to consummate your marriage, with my help, of course,” she said.

They spent the rest of the day planning Ned and Katie's best Christmas ever. Ned and Katie would drive up from Junction on the evening of the 24th, a Friday. They would spend over a week with Rob and Megan and leave on New Years Day “transformed.”

Katie and Megan baked and baked the next few weeks. They created a stockpile of the best tasting, richest and, of course, most fattening Christmas goodies they could make.

Megan planned huge meals for the time that Ned and Katie would be staying with them.

Katie went shopping for new lingerie for herself, things that would accentuate her soon to be expanding figure. She bought Ned some new t-shirts, bikini style briefs in several progressive sizes. She almost had to take a cold shower after her shopping trip imagining what they both would look like in the tight under garments with their tummies bulging with rich food.

The 24th finally came. Ned could not figure out why Katie was so excited. He asked her why this holiday season was so special to her. She just giggled and said, “You'll see, honey.” Katie was dressed in one of her older dresses, which was a little tight on her. She noticed Ned looking at her admiringly. She thought to herself, “This is going to be the best week of my life.”

Ned and Katie arrived at Megan and Rob's house around 7:00PM. They walked in and felt that the house was really hot. Rob explained that Megan wanted the wood stove fired up and a fire in the fireplace for the holidays. Ned noticed that Megan wore a light nighty and Rob had on a t-shirt and boxers. Megan sent them to their room the change into something more comfortable and then come in for dinner.

Ned said, “Gee, all I have to wear in this heat are my briefs and a t-shirt.” Katie giggled, “I sure Mom and Dad won't care, look at them.” “Yeah, I guess you're right, honey,” said Ned stripping off his shirt and trousers. Katie stripped down to a bra and panties and then put on a light teddy. She noticed that Ned could hardly keep his eyes off her while she changed. Before they went downstairs for dinner, Ned went into the bathroom to pee. He pulled down his briefs and stuck out his belly, admiring the reflection of his belly in the water. He thought to himself, “I wonder why I don't weigh 400#s; I just love to stick out my belly and pretend I'm fat.” In the same vein of thought he recalled “ Katie is really starting to fill out; her panties are getting tight on her.” Just then Katie called, “Are you ready for dinner, honey?”

They headed down to the dining room for diner. Ned was stunned by all the food on the table. Megan had fixed a huge pan of lasagna, garlic bread smothered in butter, salad with several rich dressings and for desert several pies.

Megan served huge servings to both Ned and Katie. She and Rob had plenty to eat also. Nate and Katie dug in, the food was so good. They wolfed down the first helpings, passing their plates to Megan, she served them heaping seconds. Katie slowed down a bit, but after an encouraging glance from her Mom, she redoubled her efforts and cleaned her plate. Ned wolfed down his and sent his plate over for thirds, which Megan shoveled onto his plate. Ned finished off his third helping and leaned back in the chair. Katie couldn't help noticing how bloated his belly had become. She could barely keep her eyes off Ned's expanding middle. Ned could hardly keep his eyes off of Katie's bloated tummy, too. Her tummy was straining against the material of her teddy, which was being lifted up over her bulging tummy, and the waistband of her panties was being pushed down, also.

Megan looked at both of them with glee in her eyes. She was thinking she was going to have more fun this Christmas season and any other she could remember. She was also quite full now. She glanced at poor Rob, who had gotten caught up in the overeating. He was leaning back in his chair, also rubbing his bloated belly.

It was quite warm in the house. Ned was sweating from all the hot, rich food he had stuffed himself with. It took a few minutes before anyone could move to clear the table.

Megan suggested that everyone rest and cool off in their rooms and have dessert a little later. With more than a few groans, the four went off to their rooms.

Katie followed Ned upstairs. She could not keep her hands off of his bottom, jiggling in his tight briefs and he struggled up the stairs, bloated from the rich meal. She kidded him about his belly and butt. Ned poked Katie's bulging middle and teased her, “Look who's talking,” he said. They cuddled and napped for an hour or so. Ned got up; he walked in front of the mirror and stuck out his bloated belly even more, rubbing his belly. Katie sneaked a peek at him, thinking to herself, “Mom was so right, I have truly found the best guy in the world.” Katie thought a teasing was in order. “Ned,” she called, “could you help me up, I'm still to full to move.” Ned hurried into the bedroom; Katie noticed the bulge in his briefs. She reached up and patted his belly and asked, “Are you enjoying your holiday, honey?” Ned answered, “I certainly am, dear.”

Megan called them back to the dinning room to have dessert. There were several pies on the table along with a gallon of ice cream, whipped toppings and sweet after-dinner drinks. Megan again served; the plates were passed out with huge helpings of pies.

Ned's was by far the largest, next to Katie's, that is. Megan served herself and Rob large portions, but smaller than her daughter and son in-law's.

They dug in with abandon. Ned finished off three servings. He leaned back in his chair, sticking out his bloated tummy. Ned's waist had expanded by three inches; he was so bloated and full. Katie's tummy was also showing serious potential. Her teddy was riding up over her bloated tummy, which she was rubbing. She said her skin was itching she was so stuffed.

Megan got Ned and Katie to their feet and sent them off to bed. Katie waddled up the stairs holding her belly; she was so full. Ned was so turned on watching how much trouble Katie was having just walking and climbing the stair he could hardly wait to get into their bedroom. He gently undressed her and helped her onto the bed. She reached up and rubbed his bloated belly as he peeled off his now tight t-shirt and briefs. He lay down next her facing each other, their bloated bellies touching. Ned pulled his bloated, engorged wife on top of himself, his hands kneading her round bottom, while she sat up, straddling his manhood. They made love and fondled for an hour until they fell asleep.

On Christmas morning, they woke up around 8:30AM to the wonderful smell of the huge breakfast that Megan was cooking for all of them. Not without some difficulty Ned sat up and swung his feet to the floor. While sitting on the edge of the bed, he could feel his bulging belly lying on his thighs. He reached down to his manhood gently fondled it and became aroused just looking at his newly acquired belly. Ned looked at the end of the bed to see some small gift wrapped presents. He nudged Katie awake; she smiled as the first thing she saw that special morning was her husband's plump belly sagging over his briefs. She said, “Why don't you open them?” glancing at the presents. Ned leaned over and picked up and opened the first present. It marked “To: Ned, From: Santa.” He ripped it open to find a package of black bikini style briefs. He got hard just looking at the package. He handed a present to Katie, which read: “To: Katie, From Mrs. Santa,” Katie giggled as she opened the present, inside red silk bikini panty and matching teddy.

They kissed each other, Katie said, “This is only the beginning of your present.”

After a joint shower they dressed in their “presents” and started downstairs. Katie let Ned go first so she could admire the way the bikini briefs she picked out accentuated Ned's rounder bottom. She noticed how there was a little roll of fat at the top of the waistband and how the leg openings were creating another one on his thighs. She remembered that she had deliberately bought a size smaller than what he usually wore, a size 32-34/medium instead of 36-38/large. She estimated that Ned's waist was bloated out to over 38” from his normal 36”.

Ned could not figure out who bought Katie the fantastic bikini/teddy outfit, but he loved it. She looked so hot in it; he could hardly control himself. Megan had purchased a size 10, instead of Katie's usually size 12. Ned could not help but admire the curves and bulges the outfit was creating on Katie's plumped body.

The house was still quite warm, so everyone was dressed or not dressed in underwear. The kitchen table was groaning under the weight of an enormous breakfast that Megan had created for them. Megan smiled to herself as she glanced at her daughter in her tight outfit and her son-in-law with his plump little belly sticking out from under the red t-shirt the Katie had brought up for him.

Breakfast was an hour and a half whirlwind of constant eating. Katie stuffed herself with pancakes, omelets, sausage, bacon, muffins, sweet rolls, and orange juice. Ned could not believe how much she ate. He stared at her bloated tummy bulging out from under the teddy and pushing down the waistband of her bikini.

Ned gorged himself with Megan and Katie's help. They piled all his favorites on his plate as soon as he finished anything. Ned ate huge portions of pancakes and syrup, his favorite, smothered in butter and whipped cream. He ate over a pound of bacon and sausage, a quart of syrup, several cups of coffee with heavy cream and sugar. He leaned back in his chair revealing his bloated and distended belly. It sagged down on to his thighs and over the waistband of his briefs. The red t-shirt rode up over his belly as it bulged out stuffed with rich food. Ned looked down at his big round belly and exclaimed, “I'm going to explode,” rubbing it.

Megan had finally told poor Rob what was going on. They made sure that the couple had more than enough to eat. Megan smiled to herself as she watched her bloated daughter and son-in-law struggle to get up from the table. She could see the teddy of Katie's outfit struggle to cover her bloated tummy; when she stood up finally, she looked three months pregnant; her tummy was sticking out so far. Katie patted her tummy and winked at her mother, as she began to waddle to the living room to start opening presents. Megan smiled as she nodded to Katie and looked at Ned. He had just gotten up to his feet, his bloated belly stuck out several inches from the waistband of his bikini briefs. The t-shirt rode up four inches exposing his belly button, which looked strained. Had they measured Ned's waist it would have been 40” he was so bloated with rich food. Ned felt giddy with all the food and coffee, not to mention being turned on by the morning's huge gorge.

They settled in the living room and started distributing presents. To Ned and Katie both there were two large flat very heavy boxes. There were also some clothing boxes too.

Megan and Rob opened their presents as Ned and Katie watched.

As their stretched out bellies digested the huge breakfast, they started to feel a little hungry. Megan had thoughtfully put trays of rich sweets and cookies to nibble on during the activities. She watched with glee as Katie and Ned nibbled away on the rich goodies, thinking how fat they were going to get.

Finally, it was Ned and Katie's turn to open presents. They opened the big heavy boxes first, as they each had one. They were from Megan and Rob, to their shock the boxes were forty-pound boxes of rich chocolates. Their next package was sets of panties and teddies for Katie, progressively larger sizes; she giggled with delight as she took them out of the box and held each pair up to show everyone. Ned's present held several packages of bikini briefs in a variety of colors and sizes. The last present for Katie, a pair of bikini panties, size 18, she giggled with delight thinking how she would “eat her way into them.” Ned's package contained several pairs of size 48 low cut briefs; he was confused and finally asked, “What is going on?”

Megan laughed and said, “It is my present to both of you, 40 pounds each!” Ned and Katie looked at each other and opened their boxes of chocolates and started to eat them. Megan giggled, “Save room for dinner you two!”

The next week felt like heaven to Ned. He and Katie were practically being force-fed wonderful rich meals, followed by almost constant snacking on equally rich goodies. The house was kept very warm and they were encouraged to wear just underwear and t-shirts to cover themselves. Both of their bellies were bloated all day, and their waistlines were getting bigger each, too. Katie's bottom and hips got a good deal rounder and wider. Her panties now strained to keep the two round jiggling globes covered up, much to Ned's delight. Ned's belly was beginning to sag. None of the t-shirts covered it, and the bikini briefs were well below the bulge. Katie was overjoyed to see not only Ned's burgeoning belly, but his bottom was also growing very round and soft. Ned had always had a “nice butt,” as Katie put it, but now, it jiggled as he walked and the bikini briefs accentuated his bottom's new size.

About the middle of the week, Ned and Katie decided to get out of the house and go to the local hot springs pool. Megan surprised Katie with a new bikini swimsuit, black spandex panty and halter type bra. Katie got Ned the largest Speedo style brief swimsuit she could find. It was a 38, now several inches too small, but Ned could not wait to wear it. Since they did not live in the Springs, no one knew them, which quickly cured any inhibitions they may have had going out in public in such skimpy outfits with the amount of weight they had been gaining. When they emerged from the respective locker rooms, they could not get over how great each other looked. Katie, overeating so much, made her tummy bulge out as if she were pregnant. Her tummy rose from the waistband of the bikini panty at a forty-five degree angle into a nice round curve ending just below the halter top containing her plump breasts. The leg openings created nice little rolls of fat on the inside and outside of the bikini panty; she looked fantastic. Ned almost had to take a cold shower after seeing her. Ned's Speedo was pretty tight on him; his potbelly bulged out over the waistband. He wasn't quite fat enough yet for it to sag, but it was getting there. His expanded bottom was another matter; there was a large roll of fat over his bottom at the waistband. The leg openings were straining rolls of their own. The waistband in the rear barely covered his “crack.” On the way out of the locker room he admired the tight suit and hoped Katie would appreciate his new figure and he patted his round potbelly. They had a great time, people watching and just relaxing in the warm mineral water.

They arrived home to a large fattening snack courtesy of Megan. Poking each other's bloated bellies or bulging bottoms they walked/waddled up to bed. Teasing each other about their amazing “weight gain.”

New Year's Day, two very happy and FAT people struggled into their new underwear. The size 18 panties barely fit Katie's expanded tummy and bottom. She had nice rolls of plump fat curving over the waistband and out of leg openings; she truly looked over nine months pregnant. She struggled into a pair of black stretch pants that showed off her panty lines she patted her huge round tummy after she pulled the waistband up around it. Ned's belly bulged over the waistband of his size 48 briefs. He pulled on a pair of XXXL sweat pants up over his now huge round bottom, which was nearly as tight as Katie's stretch pants as she giggled in delight. The happy couple waddled downstairs to thank Megan for the most wonderful week two people had ever spent.

Megan served them and fantastic lunch, rich sauces, pasta, grated cheeses, warm breads and glasses of cold whole milk to wash it all down. Ned and Katie now nearly bursting with Megan's “topping off” meal struggled to their feet. They hugged Megan and Rob goodbye. Megan whispered to Katie, “I'm so proud of you, dear; you and Ned look so happy. I hope you love my 'present.'” Katie, nearly in tears, patted her magnificent, rounded tummy and said, “Oh, Mom, this has been so fantastic; I have never felt more loved in my life and 'fulfilled.'” She kissed her Mom and she and Ned waddled out to their car. Not without some difficulty they got in and started home, transformed by their wonderful holiday week - which they both agreed was one of the most fantastic weeks of their lives.
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not a bad little story actually.....nice, clean, etc. Merry Xmas!
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I like it a lot.
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Good story
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great stories .. Loved it
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