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Old 10th July 2011, 03:12 PM
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The size queen part 1

Part 1 of my story, I will touch on some other size fetishes in the comming chapters. Hope y'all enjoy

So there we were. Graduating. The 4 headed monster. Mitch, the pretty boy, Tony and Jay, the jocks, and me, Dan, the nerd. I hadnít been a part of the group until this last year when I moved from another city, my Dad got a new job so lucky me, I got to change high schools for my last year. I was just lucky to have made friends with these guys. Mitch was definitely the pretty boy, none of us were really flamboyant but Mitch was seriously cocky, vain, and actually a bit of an asshole. He was good-looking, but he definitely put allot of effort into his clothes, hair, (always the perfect faux hawk), the two diamond studs in his ears, Abercrombie everything, went to the tanning salon regularly. Mitch was the rich kid out of all of us. His parents owned a huge successful bakery that made money hand over fist. So Mitch always had everything he wanted. Designer jeans, got a Porsche for his 16th, and never had to work for anything. They lived in a gigantic house on an acreage outside the city that had its own private gym, pool, bar, steam room, it was actually kinda ridiculous. Mitch and the other two had started high school together, they had a pretty tight bond, and they kinda ****ed each other whenever they felt like it and were always bragging about the recent guys theyíd banged. Then threes me, the skinny one of the group, Iím pretty shy. Too shy to even change in front of the other guys. Mitchís home gym had its own locker room; I just always hid underneath my towel, or changed after every one had left. They always teased me but it wasnít a big deal.

So we had graduated. We were all around for the next 4 months then we were all kinda doing our own thing. Tony and Jay were leaving to travel South America for a year in September, I was off to school to become an accountant and Mitch was being groomed to take over the family business. The next few months heíd be working at the bakery, in the kitchen to learn the ins and outs of the business then heíd build up to managing staff and take over the business from his parents in a year or two. His parents had left for Europe for 6 months, to their other home where they would probably be moving permanently fairly soon leaving Mitch the ache ridge and house and business to run. Damn Mitch was handed everything on a silver spoon it seemed. And he was such a bitch!

We all worked out together 4 times a week at Mitchís, we all basically lived there unofficially. Our goals were all to bulk up as much as we could. Jay and Tony were both on the football team, and had to be around 200 a piece at just over 6 feet tall. Jay was your all American blond, perfect smile, a little blond hair on his muscular frame, square jaw and blue eyes. Jay was Brazilian, black hair, great butt, green eyes, and a little stubble on his face all the time. Mitch was about.1 85, and I will fully admit, really hot. Dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, tanned a nice medium brown except for his white ass with all his muscle in the right places. 30 inch waist and have worn a large or XL shirt over his nice sized Pecs and swollen biceps. Small trail of hair below his belly button and a little under his arms but smooth pretty much everywhere else. Then there is me, at the same height and I was about 165 soaking wet. Lighter paler skin and the hairiest ****er out of all of us. Just wasnít fair. We were all following the same program and taking creatine, fantasizing that weíd be big muscle gods by the end of summer. Mitch had already started at the bakery in the back, Jay and Tony were working at a fitness centre for the summer and I was bookkeeping with an accounting firm. But we still all met at Mitches after work, had our workouts and a few beers and hung out most nights. The summer went pretty fast, we went for a couple road trips; every Friday night was at the gay bar, dancing, Mitch always seeming to pick up the hottest guys. Our jobs were all going pretty well. Mitch was finding it really interesting to learn about the business. Mitch was apprenticing under his Uncle for until he retired. Mitchís first day his Uncle leaned over ďIf you want to stay in that shape son, make sure you donít eat very much here.Ē And he patted his huge gut. Mitch laughed and poked it. Uncle Ray, I work out all the time. I can eat whatever the hell I want and Iíll still have my six-pack. Ray started to show Mitch how to make the families famous doughnuts. Everything in the Bakery was famous. Go grab the big tub over there, the one that has no markings on it. Thanks now make sure you only use 1 teaspoon of this per batch! What the **** is that Uncle Ray? Ray patiently turned to Mitch. The reason our family is rich. Itís pure nicotine. People get addicted to our food. There is more nicotine in a dozen doughnuts than in half a pack of cigarettes, and nicotine is extremely addictive. And nowhere else uses it. Thatís our familyís dark secret. Huh, thatís cool thought Mitch as he popped a doughnut in his mouth. \\\they did taste damn good. By the end of summer Mitch was definitely getting a bit softer while the rest of us grew our muscles and got leaner.

Was a fun summer though. A week before we were all to go our separate ways we had just finished our workout. I had showered and was in my underwear getting dressed and the three of them were having a steam. Mitch came out while the other two were still in the steam room and caught me off guard. There he was, he had to be about 210 pounds now, solid muscled underneath but a soft jiggley layer on top of it all. Naked and shiny from the shower, he strutted over to me. This is what a real mans body looks like boy! I rolled my eyes. Youíre getting a bit soft there as I poked his middle with my finger. Mitch slammed me into the locker, stuck out his belly and lifted me off the ground. Iíve seen the way you look at me bud, he licked my cheek. Horny little faggot. He laughed. You scrawny little shit; he pushed more of his weight into me and slammed me against the lockers again knocking the wind out of me. You should eat a little more; help put some meat on those bones. He backed off and I dropped to the floor gasping for air. He walked a few steps away, his ass bouncing as he did. You staring at my ass Dan the man? You like my ass? He grinned and shoved my head back into the lockers again between his slimy cheeks. Grinding on my face chattering away. Dan, Dan, Dan, you just have to have my ass donít you. Oh whatís that? Sorry I canít hear you, youíre a little muffled. Hang on, I have a message for you, wait for it, I knew what was coming, I struggled but it was too late, he ****ing farted in my face! You ****er I yelled as he ground his ass harder. Brushing his hole against my nose as I struggled behind his huge buns. I was pissed; finally I got my legs under me and pushed him off. He laughed at me as I went over to the sink to wash off my face. Mark my words Mitch; Iíll have your ass, on a platter one of these days. Ooooooo Mitch replied and laughed as the other two came in and asked what was going on. Nothing Mitch answered. Just girl talk and he winked at me. And Iím your friend why? I asked. That was pretty much the last time we saw each other for a while, I had some things to get into order before I left for school and the other boys left for South America.
About a week after we leave, Mitch is working at the Bakery at the counter for a minute and enter Andy. The personal trainer who looks like Mitchís fantasy daddy. Andy is white hot. Huge arms in a tight tee, nice perky butt and is super friendly. 5 minutes to close and the two were still chatting. What do you do Andy? Mitch asked. Iím a personal trainer actually. Iíve trained allot of athletes but mostly body builders. Are you looking for a trainer? Mitch grinned, the thought of all of us returning and him having the biggest most muscular body, having us all worship him almost gave him a boner rite there. Yeah, Iíd like to put on some serious size. Get myself a little leaner than I am now you know, he slapped the side of his love handle. I gotta close up shop man, hang out for a bit and we can keep talking. Andy agreed and the open sign was turned off. I have to get a few batches of this dough made before morning so it can rise over night; pass me that container over there. Andy complied, whatís in this? Mitch thought for a second, this guy was in the business of keeping people in shape, so he swore him to secrecy and admitted the family nicotine secret. Sweet! Andy thought that was pretty cool. Hang on Andy, I just gotta use the bathroom, Iíll be right back. Mitch left and Andy swiped a big scoop of nicotine from the jar and put it in a baggie in his pocket. This was going to come in handy very soon. When Mitch returned the two exchanged numbers, discussed more about what kind of training schedule was going to be necessary to achieve what Mitch wanted in 10 months. Mitch was wanting to get into Andyís pants so bad but held back a bit, which was a first, he just had this feeling he should wait.
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Old 12th July 2011, 08:00 PM
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I really like it! Please add to it!
Maybe one day.
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Old 13th July 2011, 08:17 PM
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awesome start....terrific
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Old 15th July 2011, 10:46 AM
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woowowowww!!! this story is awesomee! u have to continue as fast as u can :]
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Old 16th July 2011, 12:46 AM
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Old 25th July 2011, 01:12 AM
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ye continue! haha
Weight: 235lbs 5'10
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Old 5th August 2011, 04:32 AM
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yeah! that was awesome dude! :P
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Old 1st April 2012, 09:39 AM
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This is great, looking forward to seeing more!
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Old 6th April 2012, 04:43 AM
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cool story, i like it
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Old 13th April 2012, 06:55 PM
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Please add more!
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