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Old 28th December 2006, 07:35 AM
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Thumbs up work at home bulge


I got the word a couple of hours before the end of the day. All of the account reps would have to work from home, starting June 1. Some of us were thrilled, especially the women reps, but most of the guys were less than thrilled.
I lived in a little one-bedroom apartment; even though I made good money, I never bothered to find a nice place. I usually spent my money on vacations; mostly cruises or I saved it. I decided that it was now time to buy a house or at least a townhouse.

I started looking around; there was a nice complex that had been there for about ten years. It was reasonably priced for a good size two bedroom, two bath, 1400 sq. ft. unit with a garage. I found a unit that a young women had bought only six months earlier and now was back on the market. I was a little concerned, but decided to buy it anyway. I needed a place with an extra bedroom for an office, plus the idea of having my cars under cover was side benefit.

I went to the closing three weeks later. I met the seller, her name was Diane and she was very pretty. She looked like she had recently put on weight. Her clothes were tight on her, not to mention the style she wore only made her weight gain more obvious. She was dressed in hip hugger jeans, very low cut, a short tight t-shirt exposing her midriff. I guessed she had recently gained between fifteen or twenty pounds. The waistband of the jeans dug into plump tummy and love handles, she had to keep pulling down the t-shirt in an attempt to cover her tummy. She had great panty lines, her jeans were so tight around her bottom; I could hardly keep my eyes off of her.

During the closing we made a little small talk. I asked why she was moving so soon after buying her townhouse. She sighed, “the neighbors,” she said. My heart sank. She saw my concerned look and quickly added, “They are very nice, just a bit too nice,” she said. “Are they the nosy types?” I asked. “Oh no,” she said. “The reason I need to move is that they were always inviting me over to eat,” she said, patting her plump tummy for emphasis. “I have gotten so fat living next to the Williams, I knew that I would get huge if I stayed any longer,” she said. “You look fine to me,” I stammered. “Thank you,” she blushed a bit, “but I have gained nearly twenty pounds; none of my clothes fit and my boyfriend is being a jerk about my weight. I just want to get back to my old weight and get things back to 'normal;' I am going to stay with my parents for a few months and then look for a condo in the neighborhood,” she said.

We shook hands after the closing; I wished her luck and headed over to my new digs. I was more than a little turned on by the conversation during the closing. The thought of her gaining weight was a real turn on for me. That is the reason that most of my vacations have been cruises; I like the longer ones on the Dutch based lines, where food is available 24/7. I love to watch people gain weight!

I got the complex and went in to see if the unit was ready for my stuff to be moved in. While looking around, I peered out the back sliding door toward the pool. There was an older couple out by the pool. What stuck me was how big they were. The man must have weighed nearly four hundred pounds. He was wearing a brief style bathing suit, not a Speedo, but a high-rise style like a maternity brief. The women who must have weighed nearly three hundred herself was in a similar two piece suit. I as in awe and just a little aroused.

I thought, I barely have the nerve to wear my Speedo style suit at the pool at my old complex. I'm in reasonable shape; these two are huge and looks like they love to show it off. I thought this couple must be the Williams I was told about.

Two days later, I was all moved in. My office was set up with phone lines and my computer. I did a little work and then pulled on my brief style swimsuit and headed for the pool. It was about 10:30AM. I put on some sun block and sat down in a lounge chair.

Now I mentioned before, I am in reasonable shape. That is true, I'm a little under six feet tall, and around 190#. Not with any six-pack abs or anything; in fact, I have love handles, especially wearing brief style swimsuits.

It wasn't long before the large gentleman I had seen two days earlier appeared. He waddled over to the lounge chair next to me and carefully lowered himself into it. The chair creaked and groaned under his weight. I caught a side glance, and said to myself, “Great gut.” He was huge. His belly stuck out over a foot from his chest; his butt was wide and round, putting many women's rears to shame. I had to admit I was just a bit turned on. I am straight, by the way, but I sometimes have dreamed or fantasized about becoming really fat, with a massive belly sticking out in front of me.

After just a few minutes, he looked over and asked, ”Are you our new neighbor?” “Yes,” I answered. “I'm Matt Fox; I just closed on the unit a couple of days ago.” “I'm Bob Williams,” he said. “My wife and I have lived here ever since the complex was built ten years ago,” he continued. “We sure miss the previous owner, though, Diane was such a cute, sweet little girl,” Bob said. “Sally and I sure do miss her company,” Bob went on. “Sally thought of her as the daughter she never had; we invited her over every chance we got,” he finished.

Before I knew it, I was invited for lunch in their unit. Since I had not done any shopping, I readily agreed. That was the day my body and I began to change.

part 2 coming soon
Old 28th December 2006, 07:35 AM
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part 2

Bob introduced me to his lovely wife, Sally. She had on only a two-piece swimsuit similar to what she was wearing when I first saw them. I too had on only my brief; Bob had insisted that I leave my t-shirt to ”save” my lounge chair by the pool.

I was getting turned on by the thought of watching this man and woman eat. Little did I know how all three of us were going to enjoy our first of many meals together.

I was stunned to see how much food was on the table. I seemed to be covered bowls and plates, making it look more like a holiday feast than a simple early summer lunch for three.

Sally served me a giant cheeseburger, a large pile of fries covered in cheese sauce, potato salad, another sweet salad and chips. I dug in; since I hadn't eaten any breakfast I was very hungry. Sally and Bob both ate with abandon. They served each other cheeseburger after cheeseburger, then more fries, salads and we washed it down with rich dark lagers.

We sat down, to eat around 11:00AM, the next time I saw the clock it was nearly 2:00PM. I had eaten four ¾ pound cheeseburgers, three helpings of cheese fries, two helpings of each salad and half a bag of chips. I leaned back in my chair. To my embarrassment my belly was bulging out over the waist band of my suit. I tried to “suck it in” but to no avail.

My two cohorts were equally bloated; I was glad I had a napkin over my lap! The table, to my shock, was nearly cleaned off of any food. I struggled to my feet and helped Sally clear. Bob seemed to be in a stupor. Sally nudged me and said, “He really likes his meals.” I gave her a hug, embarrassed that my belly bumped her first and staggered out to my lounge chair. I promptly fell into the deep sleep of the engorged.

It was nearly 5:00PM when I was awakened by the call of nature; all the beer and food had been processed. I got up surprised how hard it was to get to my feet and hurried into my unit to use the facilities.

I took a shower, enjoying rubbing soap over my still bloated belly. After getting out and drying off, I pulled on a pair of briefs and a t-shirt and did some work in the office. Around 7:00PM there was a knock at the door. I found my robe and put it on as I headed for the door.

There was Bob; he was in a robe also, “Sally remembered that you didn't have a chance to do any shopping and sent me over to fetch you for supper,” he said. I started to say I needed to get dressed, and he insisted that I not bother. He and Sally didn't dress in more than swimsuits and under wear in the summer, just come as you are. I felt weird going to someone's house for dinner in only briefs and a t-shirt, but ok.

I got to their unit; Sally was dressed in a light muumuu, which clung to her round body. It was quite warm in their unit from all the cooking, so she insisted I hang up my robe. I caught her checking out my still bloated belly, as I sat down.

The table again was covered with rich, fattening food. This time pastas, sauces, garlic bread, salads with heavy dressings and bottles of wine.

The same thing happened at supper that had happened at lunch. We gorged ourselves on the rich food for nearly two hours. I didn't think I would be able to get up from the table; I was so stuffed and bloated.

My t-shirt was riding up on my bulging belly. I could not see the waistband of my briefs and my belly bulged over it.

We sat around the table for another hour, chatting and sipping wine. Every time I mentioned how full I felt, Sally would smile and say how good I looked.

Sally managed to get up and clear the table, and bring over a rich cheesecake and after dinner drinks. I tried to refuse, but Sally insisted I continue to indulge. I had three pieces, plus several glasses of sweet drinks.

I yawned a couple of times and with difficulty managed to get to my feet. I was so embarrassed: my belly stuck out three inches from my chest; the waistband of my briefs, which were a low “athletic cut” anyway, were even lower due to my bloated and engorged condition. I half waddled, half staggered back to my unit, after thanking Bob and Sally for another wonderful meal.

I got the door open, headed immediately for the bathroom. After relieving myself I stripped off the stained t-shirt and assessed my current condition. I was amazed. I looked literally like I was pregnant; my stomach was so bloated with food it felt hard. All I could do was go to bed; it was almost painful to move around, I was so stuffed.

I overslept my usual wake up time by nearly an hour and a half. When I went to “hop” out of bed, I noticed I still had a sizable belly. I felt lethargic, bloated and above all hungry. I went to the bathroom, relieved myself. I took a quick shower; I could not believe how good it felt to rub my belly with soap and lather it up. I got out dried off, put on a clean pair of briefs and a fresh t-shirt. I looked in the mirror. I was shocked how big my waist looked; my belly was lifting up the t-shirt; even my butt and thighs were looking bigger and softer. I was more than a little turned on! I notice that I was starting to jiggle as I walked around my unit.

I went into my “office” check messages, returned calls and sent a couple of faxes out. But I was getting very hungry; my stomach had been so stretched out in the last day that I needed to fill it.

Then my salvation arrived in the form of Bob knocking at the door. “Hi, neighbor, please join us for breakfast,” he asked. “Bob, I just could not impose on you and Sally for another meal,” I said.

Just then my belly growled, Bob laughed, poked my growing paunch and said, “That answers that - come on over, Matt.”

Again, dressed virtually in my underwear, did I go back over to Bob and Sally's. In following Bob, I could not help but admire his incredible girth. He was huge. Still wearing only a brief style swimsuit, he waddled to his door. He reminded me of jello in motion; it seemed that every part of him quivered with each step.

Sally met us at the door. Again I saw her checking me out. She smiled as her eyes ran over my body. I patted my newly expanded paunch, chuckled, I said, “I think this is going to be getting a lot bigger!” Her smile broadened even further; she reached up and gave me a big hug. She poked my bulge and said, “I insist.”

That day, I did not leave the Williams' unit until nearly 10:00PM. We ate and ate all day. A massive brunch led into beers and snacking and then we topped ourselves off with another massive dinner.

When I finally arrived home, I could hardly walk - or, to be correct, waddle - I had eaten so much rich fattening food.

The next morning, I got up, struggled into what had been a pair of sweat pants, now more like tights. I'm sure I was showing panty lines and drove over to the discount store. I bought several pairs of XXL sweat pants and shirts, new briefs in progressive sizes and some t-shirts. I also bought some of my own food.

When I got back to my unit, the phone was ringing. The office wanted to have a meeting at the end of the week of all of the reps. I groaned to myself as I patted my expanded belly, thinking what do I have I can still fit into.

I did some work, returned calls, faxed some confirmations and processed a couple of orders. It was getting near lunchtime when the doorbell rang. It was Bob. He said, “Sally has made a huge platter of spaghetti and sauce for you, Matt. I told her that you need to get some work done, so she insisted that I bring it over for you.”

I thanked Bob and took the huge platter into the kitchen. It smelled so good I could not resist. I shoveled the rich sauce and spaghetti into my mouth as fast as I could. It still took me nearly forty-five minutes to eat it all. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I looked down at my belly; it was huge, bloated way out from my chest. I was so full I had to lean back and arch my back to relieve some of the pressure.

I waddled into my bedroom; it was all I could do I sat on the edge of bed rubbing my distended belly. After a few minutes I was able to lie down and soon I was fast asleep.

I woke up to the doorbell ringing. I looked at my bedside stand clock. It was 3:00PM; I had been asleep for two hours. I struggled to my feet, grabbed my robe and headed for the door. My first thought was that it was Bob, inviting me to another feeding.

I wrapped the robe around me as best I could, and asked, “Who's there?” “It's me, Diane, the one you bought your townhouse from,” she answered.

I opened the door; Diane was standing on the stoop in a loose fitting cover up, which was at least two sizes too small, the way it clung to her body. She had on a bikini underneath, which, judging by the panty lines and the way the top cut into her, was also two sizes too small. She looked me up and down and giggled, “I see you have met the Williams',” she said. I patted my bloated belly and blushed and answered, “Yes, I have.”

She asked, “May I come in, Matt?” “Certainly,” I stammered. I showed her into the living room; she sat down on the couch and sat across from her.

She blushed a little, and began, “I hope I'm not intruding, but I really enjoyed meeting you at our closing last week. I appreciated your compliment about my figure and your warm smile. I also am missing the Williams'; they were so nice to me when I was here; I really miss them.” She trailed off.

She looked at me misty eyed. She then when on, “ I broke up with my boyfriend; he was giving me so much grief about my weight, I just got sick of listening to him. I had started to diet, but I am so hungry all the time, I just cannot stand it anymore. I called Sally Williams and talked to her for nearly an hour. She said to come over to the pool and have a nice dinner with them. She also said how much she and Bob liked you, Matt. She told me to stop in here first and invite you to join us.”

I could not believe my luck. Not only had I found a great place to live, but now it looked like Bob and Sally were setting me up with a gorgeous girl.

I said to Diane, “Let me go change into my swimsuit and we will head out the pool.” Diane giggled, “Sally told me to tell you to wear your 'speedo,' Matt.”

After struggling into my suit, we headed out to the pool. Bob and Sally were already there, with plenty of provisions for snacking away the afternoon.

I caught Diane checking out my belly and butt in my now very tight suit. She looked fantastic in her bikini. It was at least two sizes to small. Her bottom cheeks were hanging out of the leg openings and her plump tummy bulged over the waistband of the panty bottom. I could hardly keep my eyes off of her.

I was equally impressed by her appetite; she too had fallen under the Williams' spell. Bob and Sally plied us with rich snacks and beers all afternoon. I could hardly pry my eyes away from watching Diane eat. I caught her more than once watching me stuff myself, too.

Around 5:30PM, Sally announced that dinner was ready. I could not believe we were going to have more to eat; we all had been eating all afternoon.

I managed to get to my feet. My belly was bulging out over the waistband of my brief suit and lifting up my t-shirt. Diane was looking up at me from her lounge chair and coyly asked, “Matt, could you help me up, please?” “Certainly,” I said, taking her hand. She bumped into my belly as she was standing up; our eyes met; she smiled at me. “Thank you, Matt, let's go eat!” She didn't have to ask me twice!

We all headed into Bob and Sally's unit. I was walking behind Diane; I could not get my eyes off of her. Her bottom bounced up and down with each step; her bikini bottom was straining to contain her jiggling cheeks. I noticed her tummy was bulging out considerably farther than earlier in the afternoon. I was so turned on, all I could think of was all of us gorging ourselves with Sally's rich, fattening cooking.

We all went in and sat around the table, I was seated across from Diane, who was next Bob. Sally was next to me, sort of unofficial feeders. The table was covered in rich pasta and sauce dishes. Large baskets of bread, grated cheeses, hot, buttery garlic bread dripping with cheese and gravy boats full of rich sauces.

We all started eating. Bob and Sally made sure that Diane's and my plates were constantly refilled. We ate for nearly two-and-a-half hours. I watched Diane eat and she watched me, Bob and Sally watched both of us. Diane and I were totally engorged; both of our bellies were bloated several inches out from the top of rib cages. We both were sitting back in our chairs looking each other over, rubbing our bloated tummies. I could not believe how fantastic Diane looked. It was always a fantasy of mine watch a beautiful girl just stuff herself in front of me.

This was a dream come true; she looked several months pregnant, her hair was mussed up a bit and there were spots of sauce on her chin and mouth.

I was barely in control of myself.

Diane put her hands on her tummy. She looked over at both Sally and Bob and said, “I can't believe how much I have missed you two.” “Matt,” she continued, “It looks like you have enjoyed this afternoon and dinner as much as I have,” she said patting her tummy again. I looked over at her, and patted my bloated, distended belly and said, “In more ways than I can express”!

After an hour I was finally able to get up from the table. I helped Diane up to her feet. She looked so fantastic; her belly bulged out from below her plump breasts. She “accidentally” bumped me with her tummy and giggled. I was barely in control. I whispered to her that she should come with me to look over her old condo. She giggled in agreement.

I helped her put on her cover-up, which was now way to tight to contain her engorged tummy. We both waddled over to my unit, after wishing the Williams good night.

As soon as the front door was closed, we headed to the bedroom as fast as our bloated bodies would go. Our hands were all over each other, exploring each other's every bulge and roll. We bumped our bellies together several times before climbing on to the bed. We took turns lying on top of each other feeling how bloated we were. It was a night I will never forget.

We slept in the next morning. Diane got up to use the bathroom during the night and had pulled on one of my t-shirts to cover herself. She looked magnificent; her tummy bulged with the results of the Williams' largess.

Lying in bed the next morning, we were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Bob Williams, inviting us for breakfast. I went upstairs to ask Diane if she wanted to go over there for breakfast; her answer changed our lives!

“Well, if Bob and Sally want to stuff us silly again, who are we to argue?” She giggled, patting her plump tummy. Then she said, “I bet I can eat more than you can,” she challenged. I looked at her plump body, imagining what was happening, I patted by own belly and said, “We'll see about that!” With that we grabbed our robes, clean briefs and t-shirt for me. Diane had a clean pair of panties with her and one of my t-shirts. We followed Bob's jiggling body over to his unit.

Sally must be a mind reader; the table was piled with rich treats for Diane and I to stuff ourselves. To Bob and Sally's delight, Diane and I sat across from each other and matched each other bite for bite, plate for plate for what seemed like only a half hour, but what was actually nearly three hours! When we slowed down, Bob and Sally became our feeders, stuffing more and more food into our mouths. When we could finally hold no more of Sally's rich cooking, neither one of us could move.

My t-shirt had ripped down the seam. I could not see the waistband of my briefs; it was obscured by my now fantastic belly. Diane's panties had split; her tummy had pushed the t-shirt up to her breasts. Sally found a pair of panties that fit her.

When we finally left Bob and Sally's, Bob and I had to help Diane to my unit. We took her up to my bedroom and helped onto the bed; Bob wished us good night and discreetly left.

I looked at myself in profile in the mirror and was shocked; it looked like had swallowed a water melon. My belly bulged out so far I had to touch it to be sure it was real.

Diane lay on her back; her now huge tummy towered over her. I was so turned on, not only by Diane's body, but my own! She looked up at me, “Matt,” she said, “I love you; this has been the most erotic and enjoyable two days of my life. I have been turned on the entire time I have been with you, especially when we are gorging ourselves and making love.”

I looked her in the eyes, “Diane, will you marry me?” She started crying, “Oh Yes, a thousand times yes, Matt,” she cried.

I borrowed some trousers and a shirt from Bob, nothing I had came close to fitting. In the week that I had known the Williams and met Diane, I had gained nearly twenty-five pounds.

I was relieved to see, when I arrived at the scheduled meeting, I was not the only one who had gained weight working from home. Several of the women I knew had gained weight; some almost as much as I had. To my surprise several of the guys had put on weight, too.

The excuses ranged from home office too near the kitchen, spouses bringing in a constant stream of snacks and goodies, not getting dressed to go to work anymore and my favorite, just wanting to eat.

Two months later, Diane and I got married. I wasn't too surprised when I met Diane's mother; she weighed over two hundred pounds. The reception was at the clubhouse of our complex. Bob and Sally Williams catered it.

Just before the wedding, Diane and I weighed ourselves. I weighed nearly two-fifty, gaining nearly sixty pounds in six weeks. Diane now weighed one-eighty; she had gained sixty-five pounds in the same time period, much to her delight!

We still live in the townhouse I bought from Diane. I am happy to report that we are catching up to the Williams!
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