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Old 23rd January 2007, 02:00 PM
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Coming of Age - Part 1

Coming of Age – Part 1

Imagine, if you can, a concept of maturity in a physical manifestation. The idea that a man can only become a man if something physically changes to show the world that he has become a man. Not getting taller, or growing facial hair, or a voice breaking. Something else… something much more socially desirable.

I’m talking of course about fat. The world in which I live is quite different to yours. Sure, there are fat people where you’re from – but over here, its not something that happens because of poor diet or lack of exercise. It happens – or so I'm told – when a boy becomes a man. The change can happen suddenly, a few of my friends have been in the situation where they went to bed thin and woke up with a bouncing belly hanging off their frame. They would waltz into class on that first fat day, wobbling uncontrollably and wearing clothes clearly several sizes too small for them, their ample belly fat on show for the rest of us thin freaks to adore and pine for. Cliff told me that when the change happened to him he’d gone to bed feeling flushed and lazy. When he woke up he wandered into the bathroom aimlessly to find himself naked! He’d outgrown his clothes in the night, and ballooned up from a trim 145 to an obese 325. His belly was soft and jiggly, with two fat tits sitting on it, even when he was stood up. Leaning forward his fat covered his dick and he couldn’t see his feet. He turned around in the mirror to find that his hips were now covered in fat, hanging off his back (which is now also covered in fat) and an arse so wide he needs two seats in our college lecture theatres.

My name’s Tom. I’m 21, I'm in my final year of college and unfortunately I haven’t been so lucky in the fat growing department. My lanky stick-thin frame refuses to budge, and whilst all my friends seem to at least be getting some fat on them – I can't seem to grow at all! I’d even be happy if I just had a small roll of fat hanging over my belt, just enough to see in tight clothes and enough to jiggle with force. Beginner bellies look quite hot anyway… some of the guys in my class have them, and some of them will stay that way – others growing even bigger later on… That was the other way the change made people grow. So slowly they had time to adjust to it. My friend Paul was such a case. He used to be the same as me – he was stick-thin in our freshman year and would wear extremely tight clothes just to show off any fat that might develop on his scrawny 5’6 frame. He was 19 when he started to grow, and as soon as he gained his first 5lbs you could see it because of the clothes he wore. It took him about a year to gain about 30lbs, all gut. It looked really good on him – I was unhappy to admit – and since then he’s grown even fatter. His belly is still the most prominent feature – sphere like in shape it pushes out into a pot gut. But his ass has finally rounded out and I'm pretty sure his pecs have softened, even though they're not as big as other peoples…

*sigh* I would watch them whilst absent-mindedly rubbing my trim mid-section. Imagining that maybe one day I would just get a little fat on my frame. It was during one of these sessions that my story really begins. Paul and I were walking down to the cafeteria, stares following us as the fat guy waddled and the thin guy carefully walked down the corridor. I was looking down at Paul’s gut and rubbing my torso (again – I had a habit of staring and while Paul always knew I was staring, I knew he didn’t mind). He knew what I wanted and had let me feel his gut on many occasions. I would close my eyes and pretend I was rubbing my own fat. The jerk off sessions we would have about how big we were both gonna get were amazing. We both knew we wanted to be even fatter than the rest. Even though it was normal, we wanted to be different. Anyway… as I was staring I wasn’t watching where I was going and before I knew it–


I was on the floor.

“What the ****!? Watch where you're going fag-rake!” I heard from the floor.

I looked up and towering over me was the fattest guy in my class. Joe. I knew it was him immediately – I’d fantasised about having a gut bigger than his since he’d grown it. It was a spectacle of pure beauty – and the story behind it’s growth still gives me wet-dreams. Most people grew during their sleep, even if it was gradual. But not Joe. We were in the same class for English. The first few pounds grew on Joe slowly, like normal – he was 18 when they first started to pile on, but I didn’t know him until we met in freshman year of college. His little belly seemed out of place in our class - everyone else was still thin. It was when he was 20 that the change occurred. We were sat in an English class and suddenly Joe gasped out in pain, clutching at his gut. As he ran out of the room, the professor told me to go after him and make sure he was ok. I ran after him as fast as I could, and managed to catch up to him just as he was entering the boys toilets. What I saw in there only he and I know, but it was enough to turn me on to him – and turn him completely against me. As I opened the door I saw him fall on the floor, clutching his gut and almost retching in pain. As I tried to calm him down I got on top of him to stop him from seizing, but before I knew what was happening I felt something pressing against my body. I looked down and couldn’t believe my eyes – he was inflating right underneath me! His gut surged out of his clothes before my eyes, as it expanded it lifted me off the ground – the fat pushing out further and further. I couldn’t focus on Joe anymore, just his expanding body. His tits suddenly began to soften and sag and then they just grew! I placed my hands on them, feeling them grow into my fingers, the nipples clearly becoming sensitive to my touch. As I looked up to Joe’s face, he and I both realised that his entire body had been covered in fat. His clothes had ripped off him and he was now completely naked, his belly raising me up and down as he breathed heavily. I could see that he was turned on and I had a raging boner pushing straight into his gut. Unable to control myself (it was like I had left my body and was watching it happen) I thrust my hips into his gut 3 times. The jiggling and shaking of his enormous gut was enough to send us both into ecstasy… we both came immediately, moaning and groaning at the amazing experience. I rolled off him and lay on the bathroom floor face down, breathing heavily – exhausted.

Moments later the professor walked in on us. “Oh my goodness!” was all she could say. She hadn’t seen what had happened between the two of us but the now morbidly obese Joe needed some attention.

I left the scene and was sent back to class – and found out later that he was sent home to recover from the shock of the change, and adjust for class the next day. When I next saw him he threw his gut into my back as I looking into my locker – and used the appeal he knew he had to out me to the entire college. Since then my only friend has been Paul. He’s gay too, but he’s not been outed. Hanging around with me hasn’t exactly increased his popularity – but he’s already grown his gut so no one suspects anything different about him.

Anyway… I was on the floor, looking up from the underside of a 550lb monster gut, and tried to look away. He saw me eye up his gut and thrust it immediately into my face. I was thrown back by the treatment, the whiplash effect cracking my head on the floor.

“Awww, can’t the queer get up?’ Joe teased.

I picked myself up off the floor and looked down at Joe.

“Got a problem?” he said, menacingly.

“Nope, not one”. I responded, with the hardest voice I could muster.

“Oooo, look who’s grown a spine. The little fag-bag has feelings!’

Joe’s new friends (a collection of the fattest kids in college – Joe being the fattest and therefore the leader of the gang) laughed hysterically at his wit. As I looked at them, they surrounded me and began crushing me with their weight. All pushing into me, poking me, teasing me – I knew the punishment would only end when they were ready to stop. I stood there taking it, knowing that in actual fact it was kind of arousing to be smothered by so many fat guys. Once they got tired of me I was pushed to the floor, and Joe’s gang walked off, the hysterical laughter echoing in the corridor.

As I stood up everyone looked away. All the guys had some form of belly on them, I was the only boy left – everyone else had grown into men. No one liked me, Joe had made sure of that. But Joe’s bullying had given me a determination. Checking my head for cuts and wiping the blood off my hand onto my jeans – I knew from that moment I would do ANYTHING to get the fat gut I knew that I was not only destined to have – but the gut I wanted more than anything else…


Any suggestions, comments or criticisms would be appreciated - the story was removed before but I made the necessary changes so I could re-post it. Hope you like...
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Old 24th January 2007, 02:01 AM
Khazzar Khazzar is offline
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Awsome start i cant wait till part two....and it makes me wonder.....what would it be like if instead of becoming a man like we know it, what would happen if it happend if it hapend like this.
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Old 24th January 2007, 05:10 AM
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EXCELLENT START!!! Keep going with it, and don't whimp out on it. I'd much rather wait a while and read something good than have it fast and crappy.

Khazzar has a great point; what would it be like if we went into adult hood the same way here as the people in your story? I would LOVE it, only I'd want it to be more controled.
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Old 24th January 2007, 07:06 AM
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great start please post the next part
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Old 24th January 2007, 09:53 AM
tyje tyje is offline
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lol the point ur both making is the point of the story - imagine if we blew up like that without a choice - and it was the norm. there have been stories about skinny people being the minority - but i thought i would add a twist to it hehe - glad you like - i THINK its gonna be three parts - part 2 is likely to be about Tom trying to fit in and trying to make himself fat and it not working - and part 3... well take a wild guess lol

ideas and suggestions are welcome too - when you guys were thin what did u try to do if you were DESPERATE to get fat (or at least look fat) as quickly as possible?
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Old 24th January 2007, 10:48 AM
Chubby Chubby is offline
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Omg i was aroused by just reading this story tyje u are an excelent story writer the start of the story is great! omg what a great story keep up the good work mate
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Old 24th January 2007, 12:33 PM
Omniscient Omniscient is offline
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It's very different... I love it!

I can't wait for part two.
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Old 25th January 2007, 02:28 AM
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loved the story, awesome stuff. Liked how it wasn't 'just' a badly written erotica thing. lol
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Old 25th January 2007, 06:32 AM
BishopboyCA BishopboyCA is offline
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Nice start to the story! I wouldn't be too surprised if it became one of the most popular! ^_^
300 pounds... I hope I'm not too fat...
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Old 31st January 2007, 01:41 AM
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Nice story! I hope to hear more from this, as I'm curious to know what happens.
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