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Dennis - Part 1

Dennis was a really normal young man. He lived by his single mother in a small city in the eastern part of Germany. It was the last year as he completed the junior high school, he was a little proud of it. Dennis was really eagerly engaged to find an apprentenceship, which was very difficult in these days , especially without a higher qualifaction as his one. Dennis dreamt of an apprentenceship as a sales clerk, but he knew that it would be doubtful that he would find one.
His alternative was to find a apperenticeship as a railway conductor and a few others simple jobs. After he had passed the junior high school Dennis took part on a one year programm for teenager without an apprentenceship. Most of the other pupils of his class wanted to have an apparenteceship as a cook.
Slowly Dennis got the feeling that it started to get hopeless....
Three of his class had even a high school diploma and were without an apparenteceship, if these did not find one....Dennis thought sorrowful.
dennis was not very sporty, but he played volleyball until two month ago. In the last months he spent more time in front of the tube an his xbox 360. Dennis was a really enthusiastic video gamer.
His personality could be described as silent and peaceable.
He was slim, he had dark blond hairs, a really normal short hair dress and he looked attractive in a very mediocre way. His features were soft but by no means feminine.
It was the last day of April and Dennis sat in the bus, he came from the job bureau and he was really depressed, he had heard how bad his chances are, without a high school diploma.
The official in charge made clear that it was really really difficult for him to get an apparentenceship, as a conductor and totally impossible- as a sales clerk.
Dennis was for the first time really sorrowful, especially since the year was near his end , only eight or nine weeks school ....
and what than ?It was the same day, round 11 p.m., Dennis layed in his bed and let the day parade before one. It was a few minutes after he arrived at home, this afternoon, as his mom arrived also. She came from her job, she worked as a cashierer in a big super market. His mother was a nice , little bit plump woman in the middle of her forties.
Dennis had a very good relation with his his mother. He told her everything from what he had heard this afternoon about his future misery. Dennis knew that he was
17 years and 8 months old and had only a third class diploma.
His mother was a good listener, after a few minutes she got an idea:
It was ten or more years ago as she worked in a little store: She sold mens wear.
It was a good job but the time were bad and her chief had to close the shop.
Her chief was very friendly, so his mom remembered and had told her that she should not hesitate to contact him if he would open up a store in the future, he would be glad to engage her then. But luckily she had found another job soon, and so he did not hold the contact.
But she would find out what he was doing now and if there would be a chance for Dennis.
Dennis did not knew what he should think, one part of him Thought, that his mother was to optimistic... but on the other hand he could not suppress a few hopeful emotions this evening, laying in his bed.....

And the next late afternoon his mother had news for him: Mr. Pencker, so the name of his moms old chief, had a mens wear store in M. a big city in eastern Germany.
It was shop for outsize fashion. Dennis was a little bit taken aback, a mens wear job, that was really noble, he thought, he felt that he could not work there with his cheap and boring clothes, he told his mother about it, but she convinced him that
this would not be a problem, he would wear clothes from the store.
And another thing was strange, thought Dennis, outsize fashion !
Uhmm, his mother was really plump, an old high school friend was also chubby, and not less from his school also, he thought that he knew a few really pleasent chubby people. He decided that it would not change much to work in an outsize store than in an "normal" store.
to be continued
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