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Old 20th March 2009, 07:19 PM
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Dennis- Part 2

Two weeks later: Dennis was driven with the train to M. He had to come to big hotel, there would be a sort of assessment center for an apparentenceship in the out size store of Mr. Pencker.
Dennis was one of 17 applicants. Most of them had an high school diploma. Some of them were really chubby, but the majority was more or less slim.
The assessment contained different tests and interviews , Dennis wondered a little bit about the fact that Mr. Pencker did not took part of it.
Mr. Pencker welcomed him, he talked with Dennis, but only for a few moments. Dennis thought that he was friendly but in a normal polite way, nothing more .

Dennis felt that the day was a disappointement. Four days later, he received a letter
in which he was informed that there would be a next assessment center for those who had passed the first one in the beginning of June.

The following time Dennis got depressed more and more. He did not get any positive response from his other efforts to find an apparentenceship, and from week to week the end of the school came nearer and nearer and with it a unsure future....
It was in the very last days of May as Dennis got a letter from Mr. Pencker, he should come in a good week , he had passed the first step of the assesment center.
Denis mother had phoned a few days after his first job interview , he had said her openly that Dennis had not very good chances, cause of his "school career", but
from the first impression, so Mr. Pencker said, he felt that Dennis was a polite and normal young man., maybe a little bit to slim.
Dennis mother understood immediately, she did not say something but she knew immediately that her son would not have a chance now, but Mr. Pencker had something optimistic in his tone, Dennis mom did not say a word to Dennis but she had a little hopeful feeling inside, a feeling which she could not understand herself...

The following time Dennis was really burden cause of his unclear situation. Now he was 18 years old and without a high school diploma, he was an eagerly pupil , but he was really not a genius, especially not in maths. It was in the last weeks before the summer holidays as Dennis recieved a letter from Mr. Pencker. He should come for another interview.

A few days later Dennis traveled to M. He should came to the same hotel as a few weeks ago. And , also the same as few weeks ago he recognised further applicants, all together six.
Dennis notice that all of them were plump, more or less. The last interview a few weeks ago was more a general conversation , not really a test.
This times it was a little bit different. Mr . Pencker was accompanied by two other gentlemen, but he was more or less in the background. Dennis had a good feeling, the atmosphere was formly but friendly. After round a good half an hour something really strange was mentioned.
One of the interviewer declared that it would be necessary for the obese clients of the store to buy in a comfortable atmosphere. Meanwhile the dialogue same details of the contract were mentioned. One thing sounded very odd. The company wants him to prob in a so called " adaptation phase" . In this six months during phase Dennis should gain weight, depending on his momentary weight. Dennis was not sure how much he weighs but he guessed "round 145".
He should gain weight. The clients in the shop wanted to get served by plump clerks. In the first month Dennis should gain 8 per cent of his weight than 11-14-17-20-23 per cent
of the weight he had reached after the months. Dennis was asked too much with calculat that, as said, he was not a genius in maths....
The polite gentleman explained that he must be prepared for a increasing weight gain. it would start with around 12 pounds. Dennis was really surprised, but he decided to be as cooperative as possible and assured that that wont be a problem for him.
After that the interview was finished. Dennis drove in another smaller not so fine hotel, which the company had reserved for him and phoned with his mother.
Dennis telled her everything, naturally the special weight gain condition. His mother seemed to be also a little bit surprised , she recommended him to sleep over the interview, but she said also that she thought it was not so surprisingly that they want to have plump sale clerks in such a special shop. She assured him he would support every decision of him whether he wants to do it or not, she said it in this supportive otimistic tone which gave the unsure Dennis a warm feeling of security....
t was the same evening in Dennis hotel room. It was half past twelve as Dennis slept away. During the evening his decision had formed: if he wants to get an apparentenceship as a sales clerk, and he spoke the word sales clerk half loud in a moved tone, than he had to accept the weight gain. There was one very attractive thing: he could live in a nice one room flat for a very low rent. A own flat ! Dennis was really excited.
Dennis slept not very good, he woke up twice thinking that he had the possibility to take such a fascinating chance...., a chance which could be change his life totally. The interviewer had said clearly that the company wants to train only for the own shop, so if he accept that would be meant as a guarantee for a job in the shop after his apparentenceship !
Next morning, round 10 a.m.:
He had another date, this time it was only the interviewer how asked the most questions the day before. He assured Dennis that the company was interested in him but he had to admit openly, so the man, that the company insists that Dennis would accept the weight gain condition in the contract. It wont be to easy to gain the weight but a special trainer was engaged to support him, and the weight gain amount was dietetics calculated. That sounded a little bit complicated in the simple ears of Dennis, but he was a little bit relieved that he would get a trainer , that sounded very professional and supportive thought Dennis....
Dennis said that he was overwhelmed to get such a chance and that he had thought about the weight gain and he more than willingly to do a lot in order to realize that chance...
The man interrupted him smiling and said, that he had thought that Dennis was not such a model type, more the nice young guy from the next door, exactly the right for the shop, and he assured that the trainer will help him to eat much but also the food he likes really much.....
Dennis was so calmed that the company seemed to be such a concerned employer !
Without any real sorrows underwrote Dennis the contract.
Afterwards the man said that his flat was in the same house in which his trainer lives. His name was Philip and he was sure that he and Philip would get on with themselves. The man explained that Philip was psychologist and it was his job to be understanding. Dennis was really impressed, a psychologist, he did not had contact with one of them he knows this profession only from movies. Dennis felt a little bit flattered about it....

This afternoon Dennis drove back in the little town where he lived, where he would be living until the late days of august when he would starts his apparentenceship, five weeks he could spent without any sorrows, a summer without problems, he was lost in thought glanced out of the train , bursting full of content.The summer passed in a big carefree mood. Dennis compared his situation with the one of two from his friends. Steffen had started an apparentencesship as a storeman one year ago and Sebastian will start also in a few weeks an apparentencesship as a old people nurse, or to be exact as an old people assistant nurse. That was a little bit better than storeman but clearly not so good as his new job, he thought content.
Recently Dennis had to thought how slim he was, compared with Steffen and Sebastion. They were swimming in an artifical lake in gravel pit a few kilometers near the town the three lived.
Dennis catched himself guessing how much the guys weighing. Sebastian wasnot tall,he had to be an inch smaller than Dennis, Dennis was 5 f 10 tall or small. Sebastian was always a little bit plump, but Dennis thought that Sebastian had gained round 15 pounds the last year, hmm, maybe he weighed 190 or so, he thought. Dennis did not dare to ask him. In the opposite to Steffen Sebastian did not like to talk about that. Steffen was taller than Dennis, mabe 5 f 11. He was plumper than Sebastian, not very much , because Sebastian had made up. Dennis remembered that
Steffen had mentioned a few months ago that he weighed round 220 .Dennis thought that both of them looked nice, and Steffen had, pheww, Dennis did masturbate on him a few times- in his fantasy. Dennis liked his manly sturdy appereance. Manly but not a macho.
Dennis tried all to play act as cool as possible in this case and he had the impression that Steffen did not recognised what was going on inside of him.
Steffen and Sebastian were a little bit envious about Dennis suddenly career possibilites , so the attraction subject was totally out of Steffens head....
It was the last day of his summer holidays, the day of Dennis removal. Mr. Pencker had organised a little bus with a driver. Dennis had put together his things with his mother , not really much, because the appartement which would wait for him was totally furnitured. 450 square foot full of comfort, Mr. Pencker had sent him a few photos and a list of all the meubles and kitchen equipement. Dennis was impressed and his mother assured him who much she was glad about his decision....
Dennis felt half euphoric, half unsure if something would happen which he did not had thought about it as the small journey started.
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Old 20th March 2009, 07:54 PM
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This is great! Continue it!
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Old 21st March 2009, 12:54 AM
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Great story!
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