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Old 21st April 2009, 01:58 AM
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Coming of Age - Part II

Ok, this is part II of the story I wrote a couple of years ago now I think. I hope you like it - comments and criticisms appreciated. Just to let you know this is the last part of this story as it does have a conclusion. I did put everything into it that I wanted to so i hope it doesnt appear rushed.

Just a warning - this story contains explicit references to gay sexual experience. If this offends you in any way - you have been warned. The characters in this story (if you've read part I) are all over 21!

* * * * * * * *


The sound of stereotypical male-cheering mentality woke me from my daydream. The cheering actually merged its way into my dream before it ended. In the dream, I was walking into the university cafeteria - a freshly grown blubbery belly sticking out of my clothes and making me waddle ridiculously. Of course, I even knew that in the dream I was exaggerating my movements to feel my fat move with each step. And then people started cheering. They came over to me and started rubbing it and jiggling it. All the while making me completely hard, and I was grateful for being so fat that they couldn’t see it. It was glorious - it was my day - my dream.

And it still hadn’t happened yet.

The actual sound of cheering was for Jerry, who had just walked into the room in the actual fashion of my dream. He’d been off sick for a few days - and apparently he was to return a fatter man for it.

See, the world here is different to yours. Puberty, and the passing into manhood - is measured by the size that your fat develops. All guys who are grown up are fat, because that’s just what happens here. Some people develop slowly, over a long period of time. Sometimes it happens so fast that there isn’t time to get used to The Change.

That’s how I fantasised about it. I really wanted my Change to be sudden so I could really feel what a lard arse I was turning into. A lot of people aren’t really bothered by their change - but to some it means everything.

I stared at the fat belly that wobbled as people went over to Jerry and began slapping and playing with it - and sighed.

“Cheer up, Tom - it’ll happen soon”, Paul comforted, reading my thoughts.

I glared at him. “I’m 21, and it still hasn’t happened. Jerry was a competitor, and now he’s won”.

I was feeling sorry for myself.

“Heh, true he’s gotten pretty big” agreed Paul, looking at Jerry and rubbing his own ample belly.

Paul had grown slowly, mainly in the gut. It was sexy, and I was envious of it - but we both knew we wanted to be much bigger than he’d already become.

Most people had deserted me since their Change. I was abnormal and clearly inferior for my lack of development. I was one of the last ones not to Change. Everywhere I looked around the cafeteria I was reminded of it by all the fat guys walking around.

Then Joe walked in.

I couldn’t help but stare. There was no other word - the guy was HUGE. And I saw it happen - his Change was responsible for my obsession with my own. We both remember that day - but his memory forces him to do this:


The laughter that followed this circulated the room as Joe proceeded to rub himself up and down, mocking me.

You see, even though his Change caused us both to have the most intense orgasms of our lives - it also caused him to develop extremely homophobic ideas towards me.

He walked away with his friends, all of them with disgust on their faces.

“Don’t let him get to you, he’s not worth it”, Paul attempted to comfort me again.

I slammed my food tray on the table and stormed off. I felt bad for Paul - it wasn’t his fault. But I was furious. It was bad enough I had to suffer the humiliation of being the thinnest guy on campus when I wanted to be the fattest - but I had the actual fattest guy rubbing it in my face, when I KNEW he felt the same way I did.

Tears stung on my face reliving the years of disappointment - of waking up every day after a night of wishing myself fatter being stuck in my slim body.

I screamed out loud as I stormed across the quad.

“Whoa, settle down, little man - what’s wrong?”

I looked back as I walked to see what could only be described as a vision of deliciousness. A sexy man in his 30s, flecks of grey already in his short hair and gotee beard, with a sexy round face and the studly body of a weightlifter who liked his beers. He was wearing jeans hugging his waist under his belly, and he was topless apart from the glowing construction vest he wore open - his belly was so big and round it couldn’t contain it. It had to be at least 60” round. His muscular arms held a shovel, and his face wore a look of concern at this raging college kid with tears streaming down his face.

I stared at him for a moment - frozen and confused with the anger and lust I was feeling all at the same time. But I couldn’t contain it, so I took a deep breath - screamed again - and carried on storming.

“Hey, wait!” he called after me, but I was gone.

* * * * * * * *

I don’t really remember what happened next. I remember being in my room, and not really sure how I managed to get back there. I think I slept for a while, exhausted and overly emotional for no reason.

When I woke up I think it was the following day. Wednesday. I didn’t have classes on Wednesdays so I decided to have a lazy day and surf the net. I looked up my usual sites, fatbook, bellyspace, gutdar - personals and web-spaces for guys. Nothing new really - most guys were keen to keep themselves fit even though they had bellies, so there were a LOT of muscular guys with round guts - very sexy, but not the attitude I was looking for.

Nothing new.

Gainerguy71 - Looking for potential gainer.

Or was there?

That was something I hadn’t heard of before. I don’t know what prompted me, the guy had no photos on his profile - but I was intrigued by the term so I impulsively sent him a chat message.

Hi there, this is lfbellygrower.
Hi, gainerguy71, how’s you?
I’m good. You?
Had a strange day yesterday, but doing OK =)
This may sound weird but - what’s a gainer?
Haha, no worries I get that a lot. A gainer is a person who hasn’t gone through their Change yet and wants someone to be with them when it happens.
Seriously? People PLAN their changes?
Yeah, happens a lot. I’m a chaser - I wanna be with people when they Change.
Oh yeah? That’s actually happened to me before?
No shit, really? What was it like?

So I explained to him. Everything that had happened. Joe’s Change, his personality towards me since, and my feelings about my Change and what I wanted. Gainerguy71 was really understanding. We didn’t exchange names at first.

I’m Tom, btw.
Bill, nice speaking to you Tom =)
So, have you been a Chaser for anyone?
I’ve never been through a Change with someone else before, but mine was so amazing I’d love to experience that with someone else.

Bill told me all about what happened to him. He’d developed quite late too, but his had been totally sudden. He was at home, on his own, and he felt discomfort after a particularly large meal he’d been stuffing himself with. He loved feeling full and being lazy, and that night he was feeling particularly fat and lazy. And then he felt this weird sensation in his stomach. He felt even fuller. He lifted his hands towards his stomach and got the fright of his life when he noticed they were almost twice as wide. He looked down at his stomach and his belly was getting rounder every second. His clothes became unbearably tight has his shirt popped open and his trousers ripped to accommodate all the fat. This thin and lazy guy was becoming as round as he was destined to be.

It was a very sexy thought.

So, you’ve not been through the Change yet?

I could see where this was going.

No, not yet - I can’t stop thinking about it though I really want to feel what it’s like.
OK… well - we’ve been chatting most of the day and although it’s been online - I know I’ve been honest with you, and I feel you’ve been honest with me. I know I’d really like to go through that with you if you’re up for it.

I had to think about it for a moment. What was the worst that could happen? Someone there to appreciate me while I go through my biggest fantasy? A cool sounding interesting guy who understood me? Why did I think about it!

Well, I’m still not sure - but it would be cool to meet you - see that delicious sounding belly for myself ; )

And that was that. I had a date with a Changed man who wanted to go through my Change with me. I was a Gainer, apparently - and this guy could be my Chaser.

We arranged to meet the next day, in the quad - it turned out he was working here over the summer term.

* * * * * * * *

I was pretty nervous about meeting Bill. I mean, we’d had an awesome day of chatting - but would that translate into real life?

“Tom?” I heard from behind me.

I turned around and the first thing I saw was belly. He’d told me that he was going to wear clothes that showed off his form - it didn’t even occur to me that he wouldn’t have to change his uniform to do it. We both got a shock as we realised in turn that I was the screaming thin guy from yesterday and he was the sexy construction worker who’d tried to help me.

“You’re Bill?!” I was practically drooling.

He smiled at me. “So you’ve calmed down from your hissy fit the other day?”

I flushed.

“I’m sorry you had to witness that” I replied, uncomfortably.

“That’s alright, I’m guessing after our conversation yesterday that… Joe - is it? (I nodded) he set you off?”.

I nodded again.

“That’s OK, he sounds like a prick anyway” Bill was grinning again.

I was mesmerised. I actually had time to stare at Bill’s body now that I wasn’t screaming at him, and stare I did. He was so gorgeous I felt inferior being around him. He pushed it out to get my attention and it swelled even bigger. I looked back at his face and he was still grinning.

“Wanna go grab some lunch? You look like you could use a good meal”.

And that’s how it started.

From that moment on we spent as much time as possible together. We spent evenings getting to know each other and eating more than I’ve ever eaten in my life. We swapped fantasies and gainer stories and situations we’d love to see.

We explored each others bodies, and though I knew he wanted mine to Change, it didn’t stop him taking advantage of me being slim. I felt good about myself and even though we were both anticipating an imminent event it didn’t matter, we just enjoyed each others company.

The effect it had on my situation with Joe was the best thing about it. I started hanging out with the construction guys, all men with big bellies and big arms, and between classes I’d eat my lunch with Bill in the quad, his belly bloated shiny and tanned from sweating in the summer sun.

“Finally found a boyfriend, eh - fagrake?!” The taunting began.

Before I could react, Bill was up in a flash. Though Joe was at least twice the size of Bill, it was all flab - and he was shorter than Bill. Bill’s muscles and overall size made him intimidating even to someone as big as Joe, and you could see it in their interaction. It was quite sexy seeing both my men go toe-to-toe with each other. Or in this case, belly to belly. They were both sexy in their own rights - I took a mental picture of their bellies pressed together. Wait - BOTH my men?? Where did that come from? Ignore me…

“Sorry, kid” Bill started, saying ‘kid’ with particular venom. “Tom and I were eating lunch together, I didn’t quite catch what you said’.

Joe didn’t respond. He also didn’t hold eye contact for long as Bill stared him down.

“I’m waiting”, and in a snap he grabbed Joe by the collar and pushed him down. Joe slumped onto one knee and was stuck.

Breathing quickly and panic stricken, Joe began to look fearful.

“Oh yeah, you better be scared, kid - cuz if you come near Tom again - I’ll know. I’ll find you and you WILL regret it. Are we clear, tubs?”

Joe could only nod.

In response Bill pushed him to one side and Joe fell like a sack. And that was the end of it. Bill walked back over to me (looking sexier than ever) and we laughed at Joe as it took him several minutes to scrape himself off the floor and waddle away.

“Damn you weren’t kidding about that one! He’s huge! His Change must have been amazing!”.

I grinned as I moved in to kiss him.

But he pulled away.

“Best not here, ok?” He stammered. “I gotta work here, ya know?”

It was weird because, I knew his construction buddies knew he was gay - and that we were seeing each other. But he didn’t want to kiss me.

I didn’t want to push it, so I carried on eating.

He sneakily rubbed my bloated belly as I finished my huge lunch (Bill packed it for me).

“Drink your shake” he said, grinning.

* * * * * * * *

We’d been trying to see if we could stimulate my body to grow by loading up on food groups - sugars, carbs and dairy mostly. I’d finish each meal with a bloated gut and for that time I could fantasise about it getting bigger, but it never did.

Each day Bill would try different things to see if he could start my change. It became a bit of an obsession. I would play with his belly and just enjoy his company - but more and more he started to pull away from me as a person, and began obsessing about my belly growing - and it wasn’t budging.

“Why wont it grow?!” Bill began venting his frustration.

“It’s not something I can control, I’ve been living like this since day one!” I defended.

“I know babe, I know - I just… I really wanna see you GROW!”

We began spending less time together as he gave me a pager to let him know if I felt any different. I threw it away. He sent food to my place but we didn’t hang out together as much. It was kind of a relief. I’d abandoned Paul in my Bill obsession and had been skipping class.

I walked into my advanced Maths class and was surprised to see Paul sat on his own.

“Hey stranger!” he greeted me warmly.

“Hey, dude”, I replied, awkwardly.

“Don’t worry, Tom. I understand. It’s been good for me to have some time to myself too - you were getting a bit stressed out.” He explained. “I hope you’ve managed to… relieve your tension”.

He smirked as he said this. I smiled in response.

“Yeah… Bill has been great for me, he’s being really supportive of me Changing”.

He frowned at this. “He’s a chaser?”.

“Yeah. You’ve heard of them?”.

“Yeah”. He became quite short with me.

“Tom, I want to be supportive. I really do - but if you get mixed up in a crowd like that you’re probably not gonna like the outcome”.

“What do you mean?” I asked, but I think I knew what his point was going to be.

“They’re selfish Tom. I was quite late in developing too and I got approached by a few chasers wanting to see my Change. But it’s a personal thing, and all they were interested in was seeing it. I’m glad I went through mine on my own - why do you think I haven’t asked you if I can be there for yours?”

He could see it on my face that I knew he was right, because it was something I had been worrying about.

“He’s becoming obsessed, isn’t he?”

I didn’t respond because I didn’t need to. We were silent then as the class was starting.

* * * * * * * *
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Old 21st April 2009, 01:59 AM
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After class I decided to go for a walk on my own. I needed to think and clear my head. I had this friend, who had always been there for me - knew me like a brother. And then I had this man who made me feel completely smitten and was so gorgeous, but then didn’t really care about anything but my Change.

I was replaying the events of the previous few months. Rubbing my still flat stomach as I went. I began to care less about my Change. It wasn’t that I didn’t want it. It was going to remain a part of my sexual fantasies until it happened. But - was it really worth all this pressure? Eating with a big sexy construction worker had been fun, but not at the expense of the rest of my life. I hadn’t been going to classes, I hadn’t been seeing my best friend - what was I doing?

And then I walked straight into Joe.

“Ow!! Watch where you’re going you ****ing fa-” Joe stopped as he realised it was me. “Oh- sorry, uh… I’m sorry, I should…”

“It’s ok Joe, Bill isn’t here”, I said, bitterly.

He regained his composure. I was expecting a sarcy comment but his expression towards me softened.

“Well… he’s not gonna come after me again is he?” he asked suspiciously.

“As long as you treat me with respect, you’ll stay on your fat feet” I teased.

He actually smiled. It was sexy, I almost swooned but I managed to hold myself together.

“Well, that’s ok then.”

Silence. We stared at each other a little. I couldn’t help but look at his entire body. He really was huge, in fact he looked bigger.

“Have you gotten bigger?” I couldn’t stop myself.

He chuckled and patted his gut as far forward as he could reach, which wasn’t the full mass of his stomach.

“Yeah, a bit - can’t really help it when I keep feeding the tank. I’ve noticed you’ve been putting more food away recently”.

I chuckled back. “Bill makes me eat a lot”.

He stiffened at the sound of Bill’s name.

“I’m sorry”, he said finally. I stared at him, confused.

“I’m sorry for what I did to you, Tom. Bill… that guy… he made me realise that I was being unfair. You couldn’t help what happened that day any more than I could. Or did. We both did things that day - and even though I freaked out…”

He stopped.

“You shouldn’t have taken it out on me” I finished.

He nodded.

“Are you still freaked out?”.

“No. Seeing you and Bill together kind of made me see what I did from the other side. He’s… huge!” He stammered.

“Nothing compared to you, big guy!” I took a risk and poked his belly.

He smiled again. And then, his expression changed. He looked at me, really looked at me. I looked into his eyes and saw him looking right into me. Neither of us wanted to look away but the realisation of our look and mutual understanding - shocked us both to our core.

“Tom, are you ok?”

It was Bill. He walked over to me and put his arm around me.

“Can I help you, tubs?” He spat accusingly at Joe.

“N-No, sir. I was just leaving”. Joe didn’t look at either of us then - and walked away.

I was furious.

“Bill, you don’t need to protect me - you’ve not been here you’ve just been sending me food and lying in wait - and Joe was apologising and you just ran him off!” I was much angrier than I meant to be.

“Babe, I was just protecting my man. I saw the way he was looking at you - I know your history. He wants you!” he protested back.

“Well that’s MY decision not yours!”

I was so angry. I didn’t mean to be, but I couldn’t help it. All the frustration about my Change came roaring back and I realised that Bill was just pushing me even more than I had been pushing myself all that time.

I stormed off in Joe’s direction, he’d been heading back onto campus.

“Tom, wait!” he called after me.

I was quicker what with all Bill’s bulk so I was able to loose him relatively easily.

“Joe?!” I called out as I searched the corridors. He couldn’t have gotten far.

“JOE!!!” I called again as I rounded a corner.


I walked straight into Joe.

“Tom, I-” He couldn’t speak.

And just in that moment. It happened. I felt this strange sensation in my entire body. I was glowing from head to toe. I felt totally weak and even fell forwards a little.

“Tom?!” Joe looked panicked. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I- I- I really need to be sick!”

I ran into the nearest toilets, which were thankfully just down the corridor - ran into the nearest cubicle and was violently sick. I heard a noise behind me and a door locking.

“Tom, are you ok?”

It was Joe.

His big round face was full of concern. And his gargantuan belly heaved up and down as he caught his breath from running in after me.

“My… stomach…”.

We both looked at it.

“Oh my god, Tom” Joe was awestruck.

It was round. My flat stomach of impossible growth was round. It was still small, but looking at it, I knew it was finally happening. My Change.

My gaze fixed on Joe as we locked eye contact. I couldn’t look away. He moved towards me and put his hands on my rounder stomach.

“Tom, I can leave if you want me to”, he said, quietly.

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I could feel my face rounding out and all I could do was move into his embrace and kiss him.

We kissed long and hard and then without warning my entire body serged. My stomach lurched out as I let out the loudest burp I’ve ever done, It grew bigger each second into the hands of the sexiest fatboy I’d ever seen. My clothes grew tighter and tighter as my body stretched them to the limit. The seams on my trousers ripped apart as my legs widened. The button holding them up burst off and hit Joe square in his gut. My shirt buttons popped off and flew across the room and my flab, the flab I had been waiting for all these years, grew bigger and bigger into my hands, and into Joe’s hands. It began to push him back it got so flabby. My chest grew out into flabby breasts that sat on top of my mammoth belly. I staggered my standing as my ass, hips and back expanded even more.

Joe was speechless. Here seconds before a stick thin guy had exploded into a morbidly obese man of epic proportions. I was bigger than Joe! I couldn’t believe it. I could hardly stand I was covered in so much fat. In the bathroom mirror my face had filled out so that it was completely round. I could barely see my neck from all the fat surrounding it. Looking down, all I could see was fat. No floor, no feet nothing. Joe began to jiggle it for me as I stood there and enjoyed it.

I was harder than I’ve ever been in my life, my cock buried under all my fat. The door was locked. Joe looked at me as he began to remove his own clothes.

Before I knew what was happening, we were ****ing on the bathroom floor. Our bellies pressing into each other as we kissed and explored. We came dozens of times just from the feelings of our bellies pressed against our own cocks. I was lying with my back on the floor as he lifted my fat to reach my still hard cock as he devoured it, giving me the best head I’ve ever had. My fat fell on his face as he worked his magic on me and I came many more times.

It was like time stood still for us. For me. It was a gift. It was what I had waited for all this time and it was the most perfect experience I could have asked for.

* * * * * * * *

Well… None of my clothes would cover me. Even Joe’s shirt didn’t fit me. I waddled out of the bathroom naked, my head held high as I took each step, feeling all my fat jiggle around me. I couldn’t stop smiling, I was so happy.

People stared. Gasped. No one dared approach me, and I still couldn’t stop smiling. I ate up all the shock on their faces as part of my Change experience. I loved being the centre of attention - I mean, I was pretty big to miss!

A crowd started to form in the quad as I walked out of the campus. And right at the front, was Bill.

“Damn! I missed it!” He was absolutely gutted.

My smile faltered. The experience was great but I had the rest of my life to live in this amazing body. And Paul was right. He had used me for one moment that was so perfect, and personal - that it couldn’t have happened any other way. I wasn’t ready for it until it happened. And neither was Joe.

Before I could react though, Joe had taken a stand for me. He stormed towards Bill with disgust in his eyes and without stopping a second hurled his huge belly into Bill, knocking him flat on his arse, and spat on him. Bill was shocked and slightly scared at the weight leering over him.

“Oh yeah, you’d better be scared, bud - cuz if I see you near Tom again, I WILL find out and you WILL regret it. Are we clear, dickhead?”

Bill could only nod, winded.

Joe waddled back to me and smiled.

“What say we get you something to eat? You look famished!”

I could only grin in response.

“If we’re going out, we might need to stop off at the Big ‘N’ Fat store for clothes first or I’ll make a scene!”

He rubbed my belly, gave me a kiss and said “Might be a bit late for that, lover”.

* * * * * * * *

The sound of stereotypical male-cheering greeted me as I entered the cafeteria. My freshly grown blubbery belly was sticking out of my clothes and making me waddle ridiculously. Of course, I was exaggerating my movements to feel my fat move with each step. And people were cheering. They came over to me and started rubbing it and jiggling it. All the while making me completely hard, and I was grateful for being so fat that they couldn’t see it.

My dream had come true.

After everything that had happened, Joe and I were now together.

I was happy with my amazing growth. I would waddle to campus in tight clothes and let anyone who wanted gawp and touch it and rub it. I would push it out making my clothes stretch even more. Joe decided to keep on growing, and these days he’s pushing 600lbs. I weigh about 400lbs.

We moved in together last year, and Paul moved in as a roommate. He’s still growing too, trying to catch me up! Joe knows how close we are and is keen to help Paul get up to his dream weight of 500lbs - bigger than me but smaller than Joe. The eating contests between them get quite heated! So I relieve the pressure by being their belly worshipper.

And we were happy.

* * * * * * * *

The main point of my story is to tell you not to give up on what you want. Always do what’s best for you, don’t stress, and be who you want to be. Dreams do come true if you let them, and all you need to do is relax and let yourself be happy with who you are - and it will happen.
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Old 21st April 2009, 03:21 AM
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excellent! I really enjoyed the way it was written, some areas seemed a little rushed, but all in all it was a great read!
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Old 21st April 2009, 03:20 PM
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yeah... it was written very late at night due to a sudden surge of inspiration lol
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Old 22nd April 2009, 04:22 AM
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This was extremely nice! Loved it.
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Old 5th May 2009, 09:23 PM
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That was definitely a fitting end to one of the best stories on the website.
I Hope you plan on writing another one!
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Old 24th April 2010, 05:41 AM
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Oh. My. God.

That was, by far, the most amazing belly story I have ever read! Amazing!
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Old 28th April 2010, 08:08 PM
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I loved this whole story. The whole thing was well-written and filled everyone who has read it with plenty of wonderful fantasies.
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Old 29th April 2010, 05:10 AM
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hmm.. very interesting
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Old 30th April 2010, 11:13 PM
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Great story. It's good to see someone put in thought, development, and actual effort in it. Doesn't happen with a lot of stories on here.
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