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Old 5th May 2006, 09:42 PM
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What A Summer!!!!


It was a nice warm day in Toronto. Andrew and his friends Adam and Harrison were all playing football in the park. Adam and Andrew were always competing at everything. You name it they were always trying to see who would be the better one, everything from sports to grades. This time around things were a little different for the two. Adam broke his leg a month a go and was out of commission and had packed on some weight. Andrew seeing his bigger friend didn’t think he would be a challenge because he could out run him, but that wasn’t the case this time, Adam stood in front of him and Andrew when flying to the floor. Harrison was on the sidelines because for one he was too small to play, and was kind of jealous of how big the other two were compared to him. Andrew got up and look angry.

“Your impossible to move” said Andrew
“Damn straight and now I can beat you at any sport there is” Adam said with pride.

Andrew looked and him and said “We will see about that. When you come back from your trip we will see”. Adam’s mom drove up to pick up her son. After Adam left, Harrison went up to Andrew and asked him what he was talking about.

“I wanna see if I can get bigger than him.” said Andrew firmly
“Yeah but do you know how much he weighs?” asked Harrison
“No, don’t you? Replied Andrew.
“Well yeah actually, He weighed himself at my house.” answered Harrison.
“Well how much?” Andrew said eagerly.
“115 lbs” Harrison replied.
“115!? FROM 85? Oh my god that’s a lot of work in just 2 weeks!” Andrew said
“No its not. If I help you we can do it but…..”Harrison stopped
“But what?” Replied Andrew
“Well, if I help you can you help me?” Harrison said cautiously.
“Huh? You wanna be like us? Sure I’ll help you, but your 65 lbs” said Andrew.
“Andrew, My parents gave me a debit card and they don’t care what I buy, so FEASTS!!!” Harrison shouted.

Later that night Harrison and Andrew order each 1 medium pizza, 24 wings, 2L of Pepsi and loaf of garlic bread. They managed to eat the garlic bread and most of the pizza but couldn’t continue. Then about a half and hour later Harrison began to eat again and then Andrew followed but couldn’t keep up.

About a week later of eating and feasting pretty much 24/7, Harrison and Andrew had changed m Harrison more so than Andrew. Harrison started 4’9 and 65 lbs one week ago and now was 4’10 90 lbs and growing incredibly fast. Andrew started at 4’10.5 85lbs and now was 4’11.5 100. Andrew was going slower because he was helping Harrison more than himself but for the next week it was all about him. Harrison was thinking the same thing, he bought some weight gaining powder and was planning on using half of it and then eat to hit 115.Andrew was playing to just eat more eat day until he reached his goal.

a couple of days passed and now it was the last saturday before Adam would be back,Andrew and Harrsion hadn't seen each other in two days and today would be the day they were to meet up. Harrison went over to Andrew's to hang out and well get bigger. Harrison walked into Andrew's room to see him standing on the scale with a fat smirk on his face.
"120!"he said excitedly, and tried to jump for joy then he saw Harrison and was astonised.
Harrison gave a smirk to Andrew and said "Yeah well so am i"

They were both surprised at how much each other had changed. They laughed and patted each others massive bellies. They both talked about how Adam would react.

"Andrew Wake up Honey." said Andrew's mother.
"Huh......Oh ok mom."struggled the large 10 year old.

He got up with a heave lifting his large body and waddle over to the closet to get some clothes. He struggled somewhat because he was bigger than 2 weeks ago and the shorts he was wearing were the same ones he wore when adam left. he went out into the kitchen ate a breakfast for 2 and called Harrison to go come over.

It was 12:30 and Adam just arrived at Andrew's to hang out with Harrison and Andrew. Andrew's mom told Adam to go meet them in the back. As he open the sliding door his jaw dropped to see how fat his friends had gotten.

Adam began to compliment them on how big they got and how cool they looked. They asked Adam how his trip was. Adam told them while he was on his vacation his dad took him to a sumo wrestling show, and he feel in love with the idea and wanted to become like them. Harrison and Andrew looked at each other and thought long and hard. They told Adam it would be awsome to get bigger and start a sumo league of their own.

Chapter 2 ------ BIGGER!
It was august and the boys had been binging and growing and ballooning for almost a month now and they had grown alot. Andrew,Adam and Harrison were all at 143 lbs and all standing 5'1.5. They all were invited to a wedding of one of their friends mom. Their moms took the three boys shopping for new dress clothes for the wedding. They had trouble finding proper size pants at the local wal-mart, so they went to moores to get their little balls of fat new clothes. When they all got home, the boys went to eat and watch t.v and the moms went to get things ready for the wedding tomorrow. They all logged into MSN and went on a 3 way chat. They were talking about all the food that would be there and home much they could eat of it.

It was 6:30 at the three boys met up with each other and their families, and went to sit down. They were waiting for everything to start and decided that they should go outside and chill for a bit. just as they got out the doors and sat down on the bench accross from the enterence the whole building was blown to bits.

How will this affect the 3 growing lads????? find out .............. NEXT TIME!
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